Honor V40 will be released tomorrow. Can you configure these configurations?

Since the release of the Honor X10 Max and Honor 30 Youth Edition in July 2020, Honor has successively updated its production lines such as notebooks, smart watches, and smart Bands, with the exception of mobile phones.

After nearly seven months, the Honor mobile team finally has a new action-Honor V40 will be officially released on January 22, which is tomorrow morning.

Honor V40

The V series is an important part of Honor’s dual flagship strategy, and its hardware configuration has always been first-class.

However, due to well-known reasons, this year’s Honor V40 may not be as comfortable as in the past in terms of hardware selection.

How to hand over a better answer sheet under the restricted environment is the main problem facing Honor V40.

  • performance

In November last year, Honor was officially taken over by Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co., Ltd.

After seeing this news, I believe that many people will have a question in their hearts: After this, Honor can still use the Kirin processor.

According to the news, Honor V40 will use Dimensity 1000+ chips, not the Kirin that everyone is looking forward to.

According to data from the Antutu platform, this processor has a running score of 530,000.

From our previous experience with related models, Dimensity 1000+ can cope with daily use and popular games without any problems. But if you want to play a hardware killer like Yuanshen and want to drive high quality, this chip may not be suitable.

Of course, we do not rule out that Honor brings surprises at the algorithm level.

A few days ago, Honor has officially announced the GPU Turbo X graphics acceleration engine to improve game performance through software and hardware collaboration. But the actual performance depends on actual measurement.

  • design

As a flagship product, the design must not be too popular.

According to the official poster, the Honor V40 will use a large curved screen on the front, and continue the previous generation of dual-hole screens.

This screen has 1 billion colors, which can make the color transition of the picture more natural. The official also stated that this is a “retina-level super-sensing screen,” and it seems that the resolution will not be too low. More importantly, Honor V40 supports screen color management, which can avoid color difference problems caused by different color codes.

In addition, this screen will also support 120Hz refresh rate and 300Hz touch sampling rate.

On the back, the camera part is still a matrix, but the internal arrangement uses a “big and four small” arrangement and combination, and the recognition is still online.

More specifically, Honor V40 also separates the area on the right side of the camera to achieve a streamer effect completely different from the whole.

What is your acceptance of this design?

  • camera

It can be seen from the exterior design that Honor V40 has a total of three rear lenses.

The upper one has the largest area, 50 million pixel high-definition main camera, and supports RYYB light sensitivity. The bottom two are 8-megapixel ultra-wide angle and 2-megapixel macro.

The opening in the lower right corner is quite special. It consists of two small holes, which are likely to be laser focusing modules, which is beneficial to improve the focusing speed and accuracy in low light environments.

  • Recharge

According to the previous 3C certification and Rheinland safe fast charge certification information, the Honor V40 will be upgraded to 66W wired fast charge and 50W wireless fast charge, which is currently a relatively excellent fast charge combination.

However, the news broke that 50W wireless charging is only supported by the large storage and high-end version.

As for the specific charging speed, you can refer to the same combination of the previous Huawei Mate40 Pro: 4400mAh battery, wired charging about 45 minutes, wireless charging about 1 hour.

Considering that the battery of Honor V40 is 4000mAh, the time may be shorter.

In addition, the Honor V40 also supports dual linear motors and dual speakers, which is conducive to enhancing the experience of gaming and movie watching.

On the whole, although the processor of Honor V40 is not the strongest, its various configurations are very comprehensive. High-sensitivity main camera, wired/wireless dual fast charging, 120Hz, linear motor, and dual speakers are all currently popular features.

Although New Honor lacks a backing, the brand image, channels and technology accumulated in the past seven years are all real. As long as the price is right, the probability of Honor V40 becoming an explosive model is not low.