Honor will bring a low-profile version of "Huawei P40" is expected to be released before the end of March

Recently, Honor President Zhao Ming has leaked on the Internet. Honor will have a new product released in the near future. Although the product information has not been revealed, foreign media has rendered a rendering of the device, which is as general as many netizens speculate. The new machine is the Honor 30S.

It can be found from the renderings that the Honor 30s uses a rectangular four-shot design similar to the Huawei P40, which is a bit smaller than the P40. The glass body texture of the streamer gradient on the back maintains the consistent design style of Honor. A new orange color version has also been added.

In terms of hardware specifications, Honor 30s will debut the Kirin 820 processor. As an upgraded version of the Kirin 810, it will use a new generation 7nm process. It may use the new Cortex A77 architecture and bring more performance improvements in GPU . But unfortunately, Kirin 820 does not integrate 5G baseband, so it is necessary to achieve 5G Internet access through plug-ins.

In terms of camera specifications, the Honor 30s is likely to be equipped with a 40 million ultra-light sensor with telephoto, ultra-wide-angle and ToF lenses, but the possibility of using a movie lens is not ruled out, and its performance fully meets daily shooting needs. In addition, it will also support 10V / 4A 40W super fast charging to provide faster charging efficiency for mobile phones, and there is no need to worry about battery life in daily use.

The first Kirin 820 processor will become one of the biggest highlights of the Honor 30s. As a mid-range 5G mobile phone, it will benchmark a series of mid-range 5G mobile products such as Redmi K 30 and Realme X50. The new machine is expected to be released online by the end of March, and interested friends can continue to follow our follow-up reports.