Honor X10 opens up the era of universal high-brush era super flagship flagship standard 90Hz + 180Hz high-brush screen

Today, Honor officially announced that the Honor X10 will be equipped with a 90Hz high refresh rate screen and 180Hz touch sampling rate, officially launching a new era of high refresh rate, “screen” super power, set off a performance storm!

The Honor X10 is also the first screen in the X series to support high refresh rates, with a high refresh rate of 90Hz + a touch sampling rate of 180Hz. The addition of the high refresh rate of the Honor X10 this time has made the Honor X10 even more powerful in terms of screen smoothness, allowing the 90Hz general public to better contact with the smoothest speed experience. The 180Hz touch sampling rate also makes everyone feel that when you click it, it triggers, always making you one step faster. The Honor of the two qualities of the Honor X10 makes everyone really fast.

According to the breaking news, the Honor X10 is equipped with a Kirin 820 5G processor. The screen uses a lifting 6.63-inch LCD screen. In terms of imaging system, it also has the 40 million main sensor of the RYB high-sensitivity that is owned by Huawei’s high-end flagship machine. The camera is more than most flagship models on the market in the 5G frequency band. The Honor X10 supports NSA / SA 5G dual-mode network and 9 large frequency bands, which is currently the most in the industry. The 9 major frequency bands are in place for users, fully satisfying all network construction needs and overseas roaming needs of the three major domestic operators in the next three years.

In other respects, equipped with a large 4200mAh battery, plus 22.5W wired fast charge, the Honor X10 Pro is equipped with a 20W wireless fast charge, allowing everyone to experience a full range of power and performance under the super-heat-dissipating graphene heat sink Optimization and implementation.

Judging from the current exposure information, the Honor X10 has 5G that is still stable at the 6,500-meter Everest devil camp, and at this stage, the industry supports the 9 9G frequency bands at the most; the lifting full screen + narrow bezel small chin; the entire system is 90Hz high brush Plus 180Hz touch sampling rate, and the addition of graphene heat dissipation. The 5G chip plus the push of the flagship device configuration, the Honor X10 may have a higher price in this time, and there are also reports that the Honor X10 starts at 2299 yuan (USD $328) . Such a powerful configuration and stable multi-frequency 5G signal Coupled with the 90Hz high-swipe screen that people can’t go back to, and finally add the impressive RYYB4000W camera, at the same price, can you find a more cost-effective super flagship? I think it’s quite fragrant, what do you think?