Honor X20 SE evaluation: 64 million high-definition beauty shots below 2,000 yuan (USD $286) are really fragrant live

[TechWeb Evaluation] Honor held a new machine launch conference not long ago, and officially launched the new Honor 50 series models. Among them, Honor 50 and Honor 50 Pro are currently on the market and have achieved very good market performance, but the positioning is slightly lower. Although the Honor 50 SE is still in pre-sale, it has also attracted the attention of many users. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of more user groups, Honor has also recently launched another high-value camera phone, which is the Honor X20 SE. At present, we have also got this new machine as soon as possible. I won’t say much, so let’s take a look at it.

Double-sided high-value appearance design, ultra-narrow-edge full-view screen brings comprehensive visual enjoyment

The old rules let’s look at the appearance first. The brand-new Honor X20 SE offers four high-value color schemes: magic night black/blue water jade/titanium silver/sakura pink gold. Whether you are out of the street or in your daily life, you can express your attitude at will. What I got is the girl’s favorite-cherry pink gold version.

On the front of the fuselage, the Honor X20 SE uses a 6.6-inch narrow bezel full-view screen with an overall screen-to-body ratio of 94.2%, leading the industry. It is worth noting that the extreme narrow borders are very rare in the same price range. The left and right borders are as thick as a few sheets of A4 paper, which can bring more comprehensive visual enjoyment in the most common daily scenes such as video/watching. Make people fall in love with it at first sight.

On the back of the fuselage, the Honor X20 SE also uses a high-value high-pressure injection 3D curved surface process, which is different from the AG glass frosted effect of the blue water jade/titanium empty silver color. The cherry pink gold color in the author’s hand is mirrored. Design, the rear camera module uses a crystal effect that is rare in the market on the lens, which greatly increases the transparency and three-dimensional sense of the machine.

In terms of color matching, this cherry pink gold incorporates just the right golden luster into the main tone of tender pink, full of girlish hearts, and with its light and compact body, it will definitely attract the love of many young users.

64 million pixel high-definition beauty shot, zoom in is also clear

Although it is a thousand yuan machine, the Honor X20 SE still has a powerful image that is rare at the same price. The machine is equipped with a highly practical 64 million main camera + 2 million macro + 2 million depth of field high-definition three-camera The module supports super night scene, AI smart mode, front and rear dual scene recording, EIS anti-shake and other technologies. It has high playability and can easily meet various daily shooting needs.

Below, we will actually experience the camera performance of the Honor X20 SE through several sets of samples of different scenes.

In a well-lit outdoor scene, thanks to the blessing of the main camera with a 64 million 1/1.7 outsole, the camera can retain as many scene details as possible. The details of buildings and plants are clearly visible, and at the same time It also restores the colors accurately, and the overall picture look and feel can be comparable to relatively high-end models to a certain extent. And in shooting, the imaging speed is extremely fast, and there is almost no need to wait. This experience is obviously better than some models of the same price.

In the night scene, the proofs of the Honor X20 SE showed very good results at the same price. Even in the low-light environment, it can still effectively control the noise, and the color reproduction is in place, making the night scene very transparent and true. Such a night scene shooting performance is also quite rare for a thousand yuan camera.

△ Standard mode

△ Super night scene mode

At the same time, the Honor X20 SE also has a super night scene mode, which can increase the super-sensitivity ISO to 102400, and is optimized for glare, low light, backlight, etc. In addition to better retaining the details of the scene, it can also greatly improve the brightness of the picture. It can also shoot clear, low-noise, transparent and bright pictures. .

22.5W super fast charge, quick return blood anytime, anywhere

In terms of battery life, the Honor X20 SE has a built-in 4000mAh high-capacity battery. In our actual tests over the past few days, after an average of 2 hours of gaming a day, 1 hour of vibrato, 2 hours of music and other daily use scenarios, The remaining power is 35%. In other words, the machine can easily meet the normal use of the whole day, and everyone can no longer worry about battery life.

Fast charging is already standard for flagship phones, but it is still a rare configuration for thousands of yuan phones that are biased towards entry. The Honor X20 SE mobile phone supports 22.5W fast charging. It can be charged for more than half in about 30 minutes. Wash and make up in the morning. The mobile phone is fully charged, allowing you to quickly return blood anytime and anywhere in daily use.

7nm 5G chip blessing games and entertainment without pressure

Next, let’s take a look at the hardware performance of the Honor X20 SE. The machine is equipped with a 7nm 5G chip and supports 5G dual card dual standby. Next, we also conducted special game tests on it, including “Peace Elite” and “King of Honor”. Next, let’s take a look at the actual performance of the machine in these two most popular games.

First, we test “Peace Elite”. When the screen is set to HD + high frame rate, the frame rate performance of Honor X20 SE is still very stable in about 30 minutes of game. The scenes such as opening and closing doors, shooting, driving, and switching perspectives during the whole game are very stable. Smooth, basically no lag.

Next is “Honor of the King”, in this national mobile game, the performance of the aircraft is more stable. Under high-quality conditions, the machine can easily handle all operations. The successive walking, zooming moves and other operations are smooth, smooth and accurate, without any lagging phenomenon, and the experience is very good.

In addition, after daily use and even normal gaming and entertainment, the temperature and touch of the machine is still at a relatively normal level. Even in the current hot summer use environment, we do not need to worry about the heat of the mobile phone.

to sum up:

To sum up, we can see that the Honor X20 SE not only has a very high value, the highest screen-to-body ratio at the same price, but also a 64-megapixel high-definition beauty shooting experience, with a very advantageous 22.5 in the same gear. W is super fast, and the price of such a mobile phone with such a high comprehensive level is also very sincere. All in all, for the majority of student parties and young users, if you want to buy a mobile phone with an excellent price-performance ratio of 2,000 yuan (USD $286) , but also great strength and value, the Honor X20 SE is a good choice.