Hot summer replacement recommendation: OnePlus 9R Qingyu for only 2799 yuan (USD $400) brings cool and healing wind

When summer arrives, there are waves of carnival promotions in the mobile phone industry, among which the preferential policies released by the well-known brand Yijia are very eye-catching. After experiencing the surprise of 618, OnePlus brought another wave of summer benefits. Students are usually accompanied by mobile games during holidays. For this reason, OnePlus is its flagship quality—OnePlus 9R offers a maximum discount of 200 yuan (USD $29) , and the price is only 2799 yuan (USD $400) . It can also enjoy 6 periods of interest-free and two-year warranty, etc. welfare.

In order for players to play arrogantly in this hot summer, the benefits given by OnePlus are indeed very fragrant. You must know that this OnePlus 9R has always been a very popular gaming phone in the industry. In addition to the childhood idol of Tiga Ultraman, the performance, screen, and design of the phone are also attractive points for players.

The appearance has always been a strength of OnePlus. This time the OnePlus 9R also inherits this excellent gene. Its back is designed with a combination of glass battery cover and metal camera, presenting a noble and exquisite atmosphere. In terms of color matching, the machine provides two colors of black island and blue island, and brings two unique processes of high-haze AG glass and diffuse texture. In order to welcome this summer vacation, OnePlus has added a green color scheme to OnePlus 9R, which allows players to experience a more transparent and smooth experience when playing games.

Speaking of the front screen, the machine is equipped with a top-level flexible straight screen developed by Samsung. The advantage of the straight screen is that it can provide players with a wider field of view and no accidental touch during the game. The screen of OnePlus 9R also supports 120Hz high refresh rate, 8192 levels of brightness adjustment and 240Hz sampling rate, which can bring smoother pictures and better follow-up experience in terms of screen display. In addition, the screen has also passed the SGS eye protection certification, even if the night is dark, it will not make your eyes feel.

In terms of performance, OnePlus 9R is equipped with the Snapdragon 870 5G mobile platform. Compared with the previous generation flagship processor Snapdragon 865, the former has a stronger performance and release performance. The main frequency is increased to 3.2GHz and the GPU frequency is also increased to 670MHz. . With OnePlus’s largest X-axis linear motor, 4D vibration and other game-specific configurations, it can bring a stronger sense of game immersion.

In other respects, although the Hasselblad imaging system has not been introduced like the OnePlus 9 series, the OnePlus 9R still maintains high-profile shooting capabilities. The machine is equipped with 48MP ultra-clear four-shots, which can provide dual anti-shake, video real-time focus tracking, etc Function, enough to meet the various shooting needs of users in life. In addition, OnePlus 9R also has a lot of highlights in battery life. When equipped with 4500mAh, it also has a built-in 65W super flash charge, which can be fully charged in 40 minutes, allowing players to play this summer. Even more hilarious.