How did the “Avenger alliance” of Lei Jun be built

On the afternoon of July 29, Xiaomi officially announced that Xiaomi technology has ushered in new members, and new partner Zeng Xuezhong officially joined Xiaomi! He will be vice president of Xiaomi group and President of mobile phone, responsible for the research and development of mobile phone products and supply chain business. So far, Millet’s “Avenger alliance” team added a strong general.

Zeng Xuezhong (third from left in front row) joins Xiaomi

Zeng Xuezhong graduated from the Physics Department of Tsinghua University. Due to his outstanding professional performance and management ability, he was recruited to ZTE in advance in 1995. During his tenure in ZTE, Zeng Xuezhong has set sales records of nearly 1 billion yuan in revenue in several districts, so he is also known as “Zeng billion yuan”. In 2017, Zeng Xuezhong resigned from the position of executive vice president of ZTE for “personal reasons” and joined Ziguang group in the same year.

Now, Zeng Xuezhong chooses to join Xiaomi. Zeng Xuezhong wrote in his microblog: there is a saying that on the road of life, choosing who to walk with is more important than the destination. “Ray is always a leader to follow. Xiaomi is an enterprise that can influence and change the world.”

The origin of “Avenger alliance”

Zeng Xuezhong joined Xiaomi, which made the heat of Xiaomi’s “Avenger alliance” rise again. This name was once popular when Chang Cheng, former vice president of Lenovo Group, joined Xiaomi.

adding millet in normal range

On the first day of work in 2020, Xiaomi announced that Chang Cheng would join Xiaomi as vice president of Xiaomi group, responsible for mobile phone planning. At that time, many netizens joked that the “induction cooker” was integrated. This “electric” refers to Lei Jun; “Ci” refers to Chang Cheng, who often uses his own products to “touch porcelain” with various heat during his tenure in Lenovo Mobile phone, so he is called “wanciwang” by netizens; Lu Weibing, vice president of Xiaomi group and general manager of Hongmi redmi brand, is called “Lu Weibing”.

However, Lu Weibing is not the first time to make a mobile phone. Before joining Xiaomi, he was the president of Jinli group. Jinli used to be a leader in the mobile phone industry, but now it has become the youth of some people. To some extent, Chang Cheng and Lu Weibing have similar circumstances. Lenovo is now a well-known company, but it happens that the mobile phone business in charge of Changcheng is Lenovo’s weak point. At present, lenovo mobile phone has been wandering outside the mainstream market.

In view of Chang Cheng and Lu Weibing have similar circumstances, so Chang Cheng’s joining Xiaomi is also known as “Avenger alliance”. “Avengers alliance” is the same as its surface meaning, is to “revenge”, make a good mobile phone, live in the public vision. After joining Xiaomi, Lu Weibing began to be responsible for the independent brand redmi of Xiaomi. According to the situation in the past two years, Lu Weibing has done well.

“Avenger alliance” grows rapidly

After Chang Cheng joined Xiaomi in early 2020, the title of “Avenger alliance” began to spread. However, within a short period of half a year after Chang Cheng joined Xiaomi, the “alliance” has been growing.

Soon after Chang Cheng joined Xiaomi, Xiaomi ushered in another general Wang Xiaoyan. Wang Xiaoyan is the founder of small pepper mobile phone and chairman / CEO of Shenzhen Yuxin times communication equipment Co., Ltd. On January 4, 2020, Wang Xiaoyan joined Xiaomi as vice president of China and general manager of Sales Department II, reporting to Lu Weibing.

Wang Xiaoyan

Before joining Xiaomi, Wang Xiaoyan once worked in ZTE, and later served as a senior sales executive of Tianyu mobile phone. In 2012, Wang Xiaoyan founded the small pepper smart phone brand. At the beginning of its establishment, he also imitated Xiaomi in Internet marketing, and became a popular Internet mobile phone brand in 2012. In 2014, the small pepper launched the red pepper product line, and the number of appointments in Jingdong reached million level for the first time, and became a hot model in the gear below 1000 yuan (USD $143) .

It is worth mentioning that in 2014, Wang Xiaoyan became the top ten black horse figures of the year. In his speech at the scene, he once said, “there is a huge shadow on my head, which is Xiaomi. But it is also the driving force for me to move forward. I want to keep the mentality of starting a business forever and go to the end with rebos. ” At that time, he certainly did not expect that he would join Xiaomi in six years, and really come together with “rebos”.

Wang Xiaoyan joins Xiaomi

Now, in an e-commerce platform, there are still small pepper mobile phones on sale, but they are no longer the same size as Xiaomi mobile phones.

After Wang Xiaoyan joined Xiaomi, Xiaomi met another fierce general, Yang Zhe. He has been the first marketing manager of Lexmark, MAC and other famous brands in China and abroad, such as Lexmark, MAC, etc “Gentleman like orchid” and other advertising words.

After joining Xiaomi, Yang zhe served as vice president of Xiaomi group and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) in China, responsible for the formulation of marketing strategy and brand building of Xiaomi in China. Yang Zhe’s joining Xiaomi is a powerful addition to Xiaomi’s entry into the high-end mobile phone market.

It is worth mentioning that on July 30, Xiaomi launched a new national elegant gray color matching for Xiaomi 10. The color matching style is very different from the previous color matching naming style of Xiaomi 10. It is very similar to that of Yang Zhe. Netizens also said, “it has the flavor of master Yang.”.

millet 10 new color national elegant grey

Previously, it was reported that Yang Zhe’s first flagship mobile phone after joining Xiaomi was Xiaomi mix 4, which will be benchmarked with Huawei P40. However, so far, we have not heard too much about millet mix 4 news, but millet 10 “super large cup” is really coming. As the “super large cup” product of Xiaomi 10 series, the importance of this machine is self-evident. I believe that in this product, we should also see the shadow of “master Yang”. Now there are many news that this mobile phone will appear on August 11, we will wait and see.

Other “Avengers” of Xiaomi

In addition to the well-known Xiaomi bosses in the past two years, there are also some big men who have also turned to Xiaomi from other mobile phone manufacturers or some companies with strong momentum, such as Wang Xiang, Wang Teng, Miao Lei, Liu Yaoping, Zhu shangzu, etc.

Among them, Wang Xiang has worked at Qualcomm for 13 years and has more than 20 years of rich experience in semiconductor and communication fields. Before joining the company, he also held important positions in sales and marketing in Motorola, Lucent and other companies. Wang Xiang joined Xiaomi in 2015 and is currently responsible for the group’s functional platform and assisting the CEO in the operation of the group.

Wang Tengyuan is the product director of oppo find series. He joined Xiaomi in the second half of 2018 and served as the mobile product director of Xiaomi technology, which is basically equivalent to his previous position. However, in March this year, Wang Teng announced to join the redmi product team as redmi product director.

Wang Teng joins redmi team

He was one of the 13 co founders of Nubia and served as vice president during his stay in Nubia. However, in 2020, Miao Lei also joined Xiaomi as director of camera Department of Xiaomi company, responsible for the new image technology field of Xiaomi mobile phone.

Liu Yaoping once served as vice president of color TV business department of Skyworth Group, general manager of China regional marketing headquarters and CEO of storm TV company. Later, he joined the management center of Xiaomi TV Department and became the regional general manager of Xiaomi TV in China.

Previously, Zhu shangzu, former COO of Lianfa technology, joined Xiaomi as a partner of Xiaomi industry investment department; Wu Shimin, President of mobile broadband terminal product line, joined Xiaomi technology’s Black Shark game mobile phone team and served as CEO of Nanchang Black Shark technology. However, in January this year, Wu Shimin announced that he would step down as CEO of black shark technology and be replaced by Luo Yuzhou.


Xiaomi recruited former executives from several companies, which shows that Xiaomi company is a more inclusive company. So many strong players join in to make Xiaomi’s future more predictable. However, it is another matter whether we can “digest” so many capable people and let everyone’s strengths fully play out.

Whether these people who join Xiaomi will become “Avenger alliance” or “loser alliance” as some netizens call it. Wait for time to give the answer. With the rapid development of the mobile phone industry, the update speed is extremely fast. I believe this time will not be long.