How is the imagery power of OPPO Reno5 Pro+ jointly developed with Sony for the first launch of IMX766?

As a mobile phone manufacturer that has been deeply involved in the imaging field for a long time, OPPO has always maintained a close cooperative relationship with Sony and is committed to bringing users a better imaging experience. On December 13th, the blogger Bianfeiwei posted an inventory of “CMOS that OPPO and Sony cooperated”, which clearly showed OPPO’s cooperation with Sony in imaging over the years.

According to the picture, OPPO has been using Sony’s IMX sensors since 2014, such as OPPO Find7’s IMX214, OPPO R9s’ IMX398, the active flagship OPPO Find X2 Pro’s IMX689, etc., from customization to joint development, Sony’s IMX The series sensors provide a powerful imaging foundation for each generation of OPPO’s flagship. As for OPPO Reno5 Pro+, which will be launched on December 24, OPPO will make the world’s exclusive debut of the flagship sensor IMX766 jointly developed with Sony, bringing a brand new imaging experience.

It is reported that the Sony sensor IMX766 has a pixel size of 50 million pixels and has a 1/1.5-inch outsole. Compared with the Sony IMX708 sensor on the previous generation OPPO Reno4 Pro, it can obtain a larger amount of light, and it can also greatly improve the details of the picture. Color and other qualities. With this hardware blessing, OPPO Reno5 Pro+ is also equipped with FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system, which supports AI radiant video beauty, AI video enhancement, video super anti-shake and other image functions, making it easy to shoot high-quality portrait videos.

In addition, regarding the Sony sensor IMX766 itself, according to OPPO’s announcement yesterday, it is expected to bring unique functions such as “video lock tracking” and “flash capture”. From the literal meaning, “Video Lock Tracking” will bring a better focusing experience. For example, you can quickly lock the focus object and track it in real time when shooting a video to ensure that the subject is clearer and the background blur is more natural. For some users who need to shoot outdoor Vlog, this function should not be too practical.

In addition to having a better portrait shooting experience, OPPO Reno5 Pro+ is also equipped with IMX766 main camera + IMX766 ultra wide-angle + 13 million telephoto (support 2X optical zoom) + 3 million macro rear four cameras, covering more shooting scenes , Easily make a blockbuster. In terms of other configurations, OPPO Reno5 Pro+ will be equipped with the Snapdragon 865 flagship chip. This chip has an excellent performance experience. It is optimized with ColorOS 11’s AI self-smooth system and five-dimensional game experience to bring a smooth and smooth experience. . In terms of battery life, OPPO Reno5 Pro+ will have a built-in 4500mAh battery that supports 65W flash charging, which is expected to bring better battery life.

With this strong alliance with Sony, OPPO Reno5 Pro+ will add a shining touch to OPPO’s exploration in the imaging field and become one of the leaders in the imaging field. The new Sony sensor IMX766 gives OPPO Reno5 Pro+ a better portrait video shooting experience. For our users, OPPO Reno5 Pro+ is an excellent Vlog video phone. On the afternoon of December 24, “hunting light” with OPPO Reno5 Pro+.