How to buy a mobile phone during the school season? Go to OPPO offline experience store to enjoy exclusive benefits for students

Unknowingly, the summer vacation is coming to an end, and most schools are already preparing for the start of school. In order to welcome the new semester, many students will change their mobile phones before the start of school, especially those who have just entered school, and mobile phone manufacturers also bring great benefits to everyone.

According to OPPO’s official Weibo, OPPO Super Flash will launch exclusive offline promotions with Alipay during the school season. College students or college entrance examination candidates who are certified by Alipay can enjoy up to 500 yuan (USD $71) off by purchasing a 5G mobile phOnePlus wireless headset package at OPPO stores, and there are 12 interest-free installments, which can be called the golden age for starting OPPO mobile phones. The recently popular ultra-flash model Reno4 series is also in the discount range. You can get 300 yuan (USD $43) off if you purchase Reno4 series + W31 smart headset. At the same time, there are also trade-in subsidies and exclusive school opening packages waiting for you to collect.

With the arrival of the new semester, I believe that all students are full of energy. Only a mobile phone that supports fast charging can be a perfect match. The whole series of OPPO Reno4 is equipped with 65W super flash charging technology, which realizes “5 minutes of charging, 4 hours of flashing”, and the 4000mAh battery capacity can be charged in 36 minutes. Whether it is a chasing game or a black dormitory, you can return to a full and efficient state in a short time.

In terms of appearance, the Reno4 series adopts the brand-new Reno Glow crystal diamond technology, which presents a delicate crystal reflective effect under the light, making you the most shining member of the new semester. The enhancement of the matte effect makes the anti-fingerprint effect on the back of the fuselage better and more resistant to scratches. Thanks to the adoption of ultra-thin components and the optimization of internal stacking space, the entire Reno4 series adopts a thin and light design. The Reno4 Pro has become one of the lightest and thinnest 5G mobile phones by virtue of its 7.6mm and 172g ultra-thin body. The thin and light body is matched with top-level craftsmanship, and the hand feels natural without saying much.

On the basis of the previous generation video super dual anti-shake and real-time video virtual beauty, the Reno4 series focuses on improving the night scene shooting ability. The new super night scene video mode greatly enhances the brightness, color and clarity of night scene videos, making you a vlog for the school party. Reno4 Pro is also equipped with Sony IMX708 ultra-wide-angle night scene video lens, bringing an unprecedented ultra-wide-angle night scene video experience.

It is reported that the OPPO Super Flash opening season offline discount will officially start on August 29 and end on September 13. If you also like the Reno4 series, go to the offline experience store to enjoy exclusive student benefits such as package discounts, interest-free installments, old-for-new subsidies, and new semester gift packages.

Online e-commerce activities are also in progress. OPPO Jingdong’s self-operated live broadcast room will continue for six days from August 26 to August 31. Big red envelopes, hairy crabs, smart Bands, and smart balance cars are waiting for you. There will be a super flashing school party at 8 o’clock on the evening of the 31st. The members of “Tomorrow’s Children Orchestra Season” will start super flash club activities for you to accumulate energy for the new semester. Interested friends don’t miss it!