How to choose an office notebook for the first time in the workplace, you will have the answer after reading it

For those who are new to the workplace, the laptop is undoubtedly the most productive tool worthy of careful selection. However, since just entering the society, there is not much money left at the disposal of the monthly salary after removing the daily expenses. Therefore, Mengxins are often cautious in the choice of laptops. After all, things of a few thousand yuan are not just exchanges. Can be exchanged. For this reason, today I recommend this HP Star Series 14 high-performance thin and light notebook specifically for newcomers. It (hereinafter referred to as the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook) is not only small in size, but also has powerful hardware configuration that can meet the daily work of users. Demand, especially for content creation freelancers who are very hot now. It can be easily carried anytime and anywhere, coupled with the blessing of Intel’s 11th generation processors and excellent screen display effects, it can be called an office artifact.

72% NTSC high color gamut screen restores true colors

Compared with desktop computers, notebook computers are often not as good as desktop monitors because of their size limitations. However, with the development of technology, Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebooks can also provide excellent screen display effects, which facilitates content creators to control the effects of works and can present perfect works to everyone.

The screen of the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook adopts a full-screen design with a narrow frame, with a margin of only 4.35mm on the left and right sides, and a camera is installed at the top of the screen when the frame is extremely narrow, which is really surprising. Because this way, you don’t have to worry about awkward viewing angles during video conferences.

In addition, the star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook has a screen ratio of up to 84%, has a 14-inch IPS wide viewing angle screen, a resolution of up to 1920×1080, and a maximum of 400 nits, 72% NTSC high color gamut and high brightness display. Therefore, the screen of the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook can not only achieve rich color gamut and vivid colors, but also clearly display the screen content under strong light, allowing all details to be seen at a glance, fully adapting to work requirements such as video editing and graphic design .

At the same time, the IPS screen has an excellent viewing angle, and there will be no obvious difference whether it is viewed from the front or from the side. All colors can be presented truly and accurately. This feature is commendable.

Worry-free travel with you

Many freelancers have an unfixed office location. When choosing a laptop, you also need to consider whether its size is light or thin. After all, running around will increase the burden if the laptop is too heavy. The design of the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook pursues the ultimate thinness. Its weight is as light as 1.41kg and as thin as 16.9mm, which can release the pressure on your shoulders and allow you to travel easily.

In terms of appearance, the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook has a variety of fashionable colors for users to choose from, such as moonlight silver, streamer gold, and first love powder. Moreover, its A and C sides are made of metal materials, with a fine texture and perfect heat dissipation. Coupled with its smart and colorful contrast design, it looks simple, generous, and full of personality. It is a high-value fashion item for young people to PICK.

In terms of workmanship, the C side adopts 3D integral molding technology, which makes the metal fit more tightly, which improves the aesthetics while effectively preventing dust from entering the fuselage, and has a more user-friendly design. Not only that, its touch panel with CNC diamond cutting process is also very delicate, in addition to higher sensitivity, the increased touch area also allows more flexible touch operations, even without a mouse, it will not affect the use at all Feeling, praiseworthy.

Star 14’s most powerful office assistant

If the screen is used to show the results of our work, then the entire work process requires Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebooks with hard-core performance to complete successfully, especially for some video editing and other tasks handled by content creators, which also require powerful performance. Support can be completed efficiently.

In terms of configuration, the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook is equipped with Intel’s 11th-generation Core i5-1135G7 processor, 4 cores and 8 threads, with a turbo frequency up to 4.2GHz.

After the actual test with CinebenchR15 and CinebenchR20 two processor test software, the results show that CinebenchR15 single-core score is 291cb, multi-core score is 819cb, and CinebenchR20 single-core score is 472cb, multi-core score is 1886cb, from this point of view, Star 14 The multi-core processing capability of the high-performance thin and light notebook is very powerful, even if a variety of office software is running at the same time, there is no pressure.

And, in order to improve its graphics processing performance, Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook also uses NVIDIA MX450 discrete graphics. As the king of graphics cards in thin and light notebooks, this chip has a performance improvement of 2.5 times compared to ordinary integrated graphics, which can fully meet the needs of professional users. Therefore, Star 14’s high-performance thin and light notebook can not only easily control a variety of large-scale online games, but also smoothly run picture design and video editing software, while meeting your diverse needs for leisure and office.

In terms of other configurations, the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook can choose up to 16GB DDR4-320MHz large-capacity memory, which can greatly increase the memory bandwidth and make the data interaction with the processor more efficient. In terms of data storage, the most mainstream PCIe solid-state hard drive is used, with a capacity of up to 1TB. Compared with the use of mechanical hard drives, it will avoid the frequent stuttering of video rendering, while solid-state drives using NVMe protocol Let them enjoy the high-speed operation and transmission experience, and achieve the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort.

In addition, the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook also has a “Grand Slam” interface design, HDMI2.0 interface, USB3.2 Gen1 interface, SD card reader interface, headset integration and other interfaces are all available, the most important is it It also has a USB Type-C 3.2 Gen 2 interface that not only supports charging, but also can perform data transmission and multi-screen output, which can realize multi-scene applications, and there will no longer be the embarrassing scene of searching for adapter cables all over the world when making proposals to customers .

Finally, the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook also supports the latest Wi-Fi6 wireless protocol, using intel802.11AX2×2 dual-band dual antennas, which can increase the download speed by nearly 3 times and the network capacity by nearly 4 times. Therefore, whether it is daily file transfer or watching movies, games can be maintained in a fast and stable network environment, and will not be easily disconnected.

If you are a cute newcomer who is about to enter the workplace, or a free content creator who is tired of working from 9 to 5 and is ready to set up another business, then this star 14 high-performance lightweight notebook is undoubtedly the best Good work partner. Its lightness and thinness make it easy to go out every time; its excellent performance allows complex tasks to be completed smoothly; its high-quality screen allows the work to be perfectly presented. Now you can place an order at HP Suning’s self-operated store and have the opportunity to enjoy With the benefit of “400 yuan (USD $1174) down directly from the machine”, with such a cost-effective advantage, don’t you want to put it in your bag?

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