How to choose the charging head for iPhone12 only?

We can see on Apple's official website in China that, including the iPhone 12 series , all the official iPhones currently on sale no longer come with a charging head and earphones. There are only iPhone and C to Lightning fast charging cables in the box. , If the user needs fast charging and there is no fast charging head in his hand, they can only be purchased separately.

But among so many charging heads seen online, which one is the most suitable? Although Apple's official website provides a USB-C charging head, but as a single oral power of only 20W, the price is as high as 149 yuan (USD $21) . Friends who have a little knowledge of charging head products must find this price unacceptable. So today, I will introduce some big-brand third-party charging heads that are more cost-effective and of the same quality.

· IPhone’s Fast Charge Agreement

To buy a fast charging head, you must first know the charging protocol and power supported by the phone.

From iPhone6 series to iPhone7 series, it supports Apple 2.4A fast charge, the maximum power is 12W, and the speed can reach more than twice of the original 5W charger.

The iPhone 8/X series of Apple mobile phones since the beginning of the series support the PD fast charge protocol. The advantages of the PD protocol are strong and universal. Some Type-C charging devices such as notebooks and Switch handhelds are all based on the PD protocol. If the power is sufficient, the charging head or power bank can be shared.

The iPhone’s PD protocol has a theoretical maximum of 18W, but the actual charging power of each model is still quite different, as shown in the figure below:

From the table, we can know that the 20W charging head on the official website can’t completely "feed" the large iPhones after iPhone11. Using the 30W head can also get more extreme fast charging speed; while for small iPhones (iPhone8/SE/ For 12 mini), the minimum specifications of 18W heads are more than enough.

· Single-port charging head recommendation

Zimi 18W PD charger – 34.9 yuan (USD $5)

Zimi is one of Xiaomi's ecological chain brands. It was famous for designing and producing Xiaomi mobile power supplies in the early years, and later developed into a multi-category power supply accessory manufacturer with reliable internal materials and a good reputation. This 18W PD charging head has a volume of 49.8cm³ and is about the same size as a pair of airpods. The price is less than a fraction of the official charger. The price is good. It is recommended for users before the small iPhone and iPhoneXS (including). At the same time, it is also compatible with Qualcomm QC3.0 and Huawei FCP protocol.

Anker 20W PD charging head – 79 yuan

Anker is a well-known Chinese brand going overseas, focusing on high-end smart digital peripherals. The volume of this 20W PD charging head is only 36cm³, which is much smaller than the 48cm³ of Apple's official 20W head, and the price is only half of the official head. It is suitable for users who are looking for small size. It is also compatible with fast charging protocols such as Qualcomm QC3.0, Apple 2.4A, and Huawei FCP.

Green Union 30W PD charging head – 45 yuan

Green Alliance is also an established manufacturer of accessories, and the quality is worth rest assured. This 30W PD charging head has a volume of 66.3cm³ and is slightly larger, but it has a higher power and only costs 45 yuan. It is also cost-effective and compatible with fast charging protocols such as Qualcomm QC3.0, Huawei FCP, and Apple 5V2.4A. This charger is suitable for large-size iPhone users who are pursuing the ultimate charging speed, and provides a 15V2A gear, which can also take care of Switch charging.

Anker 65W PD charger – 99 yuan

This 65W PD charging head has a volume of 63.9cm³, which is very well controlled in high-power charging heads. Obviously such a high power is not only applicable to the iPhone, you can also use it to charge a notebook that supports Type-C charging, and it is also compatible with 3.3-21V3.09A PPS charging.

· Multi-port charging head recommendation

Purple Rice 30W 1A1C – 49 yuan

This charging head has a volume of about 63cm³, provides a USB-C and a USB-A interface, both ports support fast charging: C port maximum output 30W (15V2A); A port supports Xiaomi 27W Charge Turbo, compatible with QC, FCP, 2.4A Wait for the agreement; dual-port simultaneous charging can output a total of 24W, it is very convenient to use it if you need to charge two low-power devices at the same time.

Mi 65W 2A1C charging head – 149 yuan (USD $21)

This charging head has a volume of 126cm³ and is relatively large, but its C port can achieve a real 65W PD output, which can power the notebook at full blood. At the same time, the two A ports also support 18W fast charging, which is better than Zimi’s 65W 2A1C .

Zhengtuo 65W 2C1A Gallium Nitride charging head – 188 yuan (USD $27)

Its volume is 78.4cm³, and its volume control is quite excellent in the 65W multi-port charger, and both C ports can output 65W, realizing double-port blind plugging, and the USB-A port can also provide a single-port 30W output. It is compatible with multiple fast charging protocols such as Apple PD/2.4A, Huawei FCP/SCP, Xiaomi QC/PPS, Samsung AFC/PPS, Meizu PE, etc. It supports very rich, and its heating control is better than similar products of Baseus. A compact and powerful charging head, the daily price is only slightly more expensive than Apple's official head.

· to sum up

The above recommended charging products have passed the national 3C quality certification, and the charging protocol is in line with the PD standard used by the iPhone, so you can use it with confidence. After reading the above recommendations, it can be seen that there are many third-party accessories that are far more advantageous than Apple's official chargers in terms of price and experience. We don't need to insist too much on the stereotype that we must use the original charger.