How to teach elders to use mobile phones? Try MIUI's new remote assistance function

This Spring Festival, many friends choose to spend it on the spot, but the yearning for home will not decrease due to distance. Today, Xiaomi MIUI officially announced the launch of a new remote assistance function to build a bridge for communication between you and your family. When the elders encounter features that they don’t use, they can get help immediately.

The Xiaomi mobile phone will update the system service components to version 9.10.80 or higher, and the Xiaomi call to version 1.2.30 or higher to unlock the remote assistance operation.

After the update is complete, directly enter the device number of the other party on the dial pad of Mi Talk to start the call. The “Remote Assistance” logo will appear in the upper left corner of the call page, click to activate it.

The controlled party needs to tell the controlling party its own assistance code, and the controlling party can enter it in the pop-up window for remote assistance. After the remote assistance function is connected, even if you are not around, you can help the elders to solve various problems with the machine.

In addition to remote assistance, MIUI also has a number of built-in functions suitable for elders to turn on, including minimalist mode, Big Mac fonts, SOS emergency help, zoom function, and red envelope assistants that are necessary for the New Year.