HP Star 14 Almighty and Thin Ben Star Motion is launched, bringing you a brand new experience of appearance and performance

As a necessity in work and life for young people, laptops have become their closest "partners". Every young white-collar worker wants to have a notebook that looks good and can be used in all kinds of performance. The HP Star 14 Almighty and Thin Book, which just went on the market today, can perfectly meet their requirements. It not only adopts the design and details The more modern design language has also been subversively upgraded in performance, bringing a new and smoother experience for young white-collar workers.

The Star 14 Almighty Thin Book is equipped with the latest Intel Tiger Lake U series processors of the 11th generation. The 10nm+ enhanced technology combined with the Willow Cove CPU architecture has greatly improved performance and power consumption, multitasking and big data computing capabilities. Has also been comprehensively enhanced. The processor integrates the Intel Iris Xe core display, the performance is improved by 87% compared with the previous generation, the graphics processing and rendering capabilities have been comprehensively enhanced, whether running mainstream games or creative design, you can do it with ease. At the same time, it can also be equipped with the top-of-the-line display in the thin and light notebook-Nvidia MX450 graphics card. The Star 14 all-around thin and light notebook also uses the high-frequency version of the MX450, which has a performance increase of about 2.5 times compared to the nuclear display, and the GPU image processing capability is stronger. It can easily meet the needs of modern young people for video editing, design creation, etc., and occasionally eat chicken and play games without too much pressure.

Star 14 is also equipped with a large-capacity memory, up to 16GB DDR4-3200MHz high-frequency memory, which brings faster information processing speed and larger data processing space to the processor, and runs large-scale software such as PS and LR. Can be light and smooth, switching back and forth between multiple software without any delay. In addition, the Star 14 all-around thin and light notebook also has a built-in large-capacity high-speed solid-state hard drive with a maximum capacity of 1TB. The hard drive reads and writes faster, the system and software run smoothly, and the loading speed is also high when using video editing software or running online games. Will be faster, without waiting, enjoy efficient leisure entertainment and creative life. The enhanced version of the three-phase motor, the fan blades are thinner, the wind speed is increased by 27%, and the noise reduction effect is 16%, which can effectively reduce the body surface temperature, bring better heat dissipation effect, and release strong performance. Will interfere with normal use.

The new Star 14 all-around thin and light notebook is also equipped with Huixiaowei's intelligent voice assistant, making the notebook truly your intimate partner. As long as you softly call "small and micro", you can wake up the smart AI and get the weather, news, music and other content, which not only makes life smarter and more convenient, but also brings the most intimate companionship to urban young people.  

In the design of the fuselage, the Star 14 all-around thin and light notebook adopts a more modern design language. The metal material on both sides of A and C has a delicate texture and helps to dissipate heat. The dazzling color matching of moonlight silver, streamer gold and first love powder also makes the star 14 all-around thin and light notebook more fashionable. It is a personalized notebook that young people will pick.

It is worth mentioning that the Star 14 thin and light notebook has become smaller, lighter and thinner. The body is as thin as 16.9mm and weighs only 1.41kg, making it even more convenient.

On such a thin and light body, the Star 14 thin and light notebook is also equipped with a 14-inch full screen, the left and right width of the screen frame is only 4.35mm, and the screen ratio is as high as 84%. Whether you are watching videos or playing games, you can have more Immersive visual enjoyment. It can also be equipped with a FHD high-resolution IPS screen, with a maximum of 400 nits brightness and 72% NTSC high-color gamut display. The picture is more realistic and the display is more delicate. It is the "high-definition, colorful and comprehensive" young people want to have this year. Screen".

The frame of the Star 14 Almighty Lightweight Book has also changed from the edges and corners to a more sleek design style. The beauty of the edge design comes from the hourglass. The finely crafted D surface brings a lighter and thinner visual experience, and at the same time brings a more comfortable Grip experience, three sides are easier to open and close with one hand, and the design is more user-friendly. The C surface polished by 3D integral molding technology is more refined and fashionable, with excellent durability and heat dissipation performance. The shaft design of the "small heel" has moderate damping, and the lightly tilted body not only assists heat dissipation, but also has a more ergonomic design, bringing a more comfortable typing angle.

The backlit keyboard design with adjustable brightness and darkness is not more suitable for young people who are keen to stay up late. The keyboard surface design is not only more concise, but the 1.3mm keystroke and 19mm key pitch also make every typing more comfortable and free. The touch panel of CNC diamond cutting process is larger in size and more sensitive, even if you go out without a mouse, you can have an excellent touch experience. The whole system comes standard with a push-type fingerprint unlocking function, which can quickly wake up and enter the desktop with a single touch. It is safe and convenient, and it is the first choice for young people who love mobile office and mobile creation.

In addition, the Star 14 thin and light notebook also provides 1 HDMI2.0 interface, 2 USB 3.2 Gen1 interfaces, 1 full-featured USB Type-C 3.2 Gen2 interface, 1 SD card reader interface and 1 on both sides of the fuselage Headset in one interface. Among them, the full-featured USB Type-C 3.2 Gen2 interface can support charging, data transmission, and multi-screen display, which is more suitable for multiple application scenarios and get rid of the embarrassment of the little tail.

The latest WiFi 6 wireless network card and integrated Bluetooth 5.0 also brings a smoother and more stable network connection experience to the Star 14 all-around thin and light notebook. The WiFi antenna is designed on the top of the A side, which not only makes the signal reception smoother, but also effectively avoids the radiation on the human body caused by the traditional design of placing the antenna in the front hinge. The details show HP's care.

Nowadays, white-collar workers often need to move and work outside, so they are most worried about running out of power. Star 14's all-around thin and light notebook fully considers their needs and makes a fuss about battery life. It not only uses innovative technology to monitor battery temperature, battery usage time and battery charging status in real time, so as to maintain battery health and extend battery life. In the MobileMark 2018 (MM18) test scenario that is closer to the actual user experience (compared to MM14), it has a long battery life of up to 8.25 hours, which can meet the basic needs of the whole day. Of course, battery life There will be differences due to different configurations, so you can choose according to your needs. In addition, the Star 14 Almighty Lightweight Notebook still supports the fast charging function, and it can recover 50% of the blood in 30 minutes. It is good enough for mobile office work!

From all aspects, the Star 14 Almighty and Thin Book does not lose the name of "Almighty". In terms of appearance, performance, detail processing, and intelligent design, it is drip-proof. The body is light and portable, exquisite and stylish, and its performance is a ride. Juechen, the endurance ability is not in vain, this should be the "all-round choice" that modern young people most want to have. At present, this Star 14 thin and light notebook has been put on the HP Suning flagship store. The retail price starts at 5799 yuan (USD $828) , and the spike drops by 300 yuan (USD $43) . The lowest price is only 5499 yuan (USD $786) , which is very cost-effective. If you want to change your laptop, click on the link below to learn or buy it.

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