HP Star 14 x Cai Xukun unlocks the 2021 career victory for you

Nowadays, generation Z young people are the main force of consumption, and these “Internet natives” are either studying college or just entering the workplace, and they are at a time when they need an excellent laptop to escort them. At this time, an all-around lightweight notebook that can be picked up by post-95 all-around pioneer idol Cai Xukun is their best choice.

HP Star 14 is a high-performance thin and light notebook. As an all-around thin and light product that combines value, portability and powerful performance, it can meet the pursuit of high-quality entertainment and efficient office by generation Z young people. It is worthy of Cai Xukun’s optimistic view. My notebook too.

Star 14 high-performance, thin and light young people want

Appearance can be said to be one of the most important factors for young people of Generation Z. After all, for young people, “appearance is justice.” Therefore, the star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook has a meticulously crafted design in appearance. Its A and C sides are made of metal materials, which can not only greatly improve the texture of the product, upgrade the grade of the product, but also assist in heat dissipation. Counted.

At the same time, the star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook also has a variety of fashionable colors for young users to choose from, such as moonlight silver, streamer gold, first love powder, and the A and C double-sided design with contrasting colors. Such a simple and stylish product appearance is unforgettable. It perfectly fits the character traits of generation Z young people who desire to have personalized products.

In terms of workmanship, the C side adopts 3D integrated molding technology, without splicing gaps. Therefore, this design not only improves the aesthetics, but also prevents dust from entering the fuselage, ensuring that the computer can operate normally at all times. At the same time, the touch panel after CNC diamond cutting process is also very delicate. In addition to higher sensitivity, the increased touch area can also make daily use more flexible. Even without a mouse, it will not affect the experience at all. It is worthwhile praise.

Not only that, the portability of notebooks is also one of the concerns of users. Nowadays, there are more and more freelancers. As the most important productivity tool, notebooks must be portable. The design of Star 14’s high-performance thin and light notebook pursues the ultimate thinness. Through actual measurement, its body as light as 1.41kg and as thin as 16.9mm can be carried without burden.

When you open the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook with one hand, you can see that the B-side screen adopts a narrow-frame full-screen design. The width of the left and right frames is only 4.35mm, and the screen-to-body ratio is as high as 84%, which can bring you a A viewing effect like a giant 3D IMAX screen. The screen uses a 14-inch IPS wide viewing angle screen with a resolution of 1920×1080, a maximum of 400 nits, a 72% NTSC high color gamut and high brightness display, which can be fully qualified for design work, so the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook is an all-rounder Productivity tools are well deserved.

Star 14 high-performance thin and light productivity tools are none other than me

In terms of configuration, the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook is equipped with Intel’s 11th generation Core i5-1135G7 processor, 4-core 8-thread specifications, turbo frequency up to 4.2GHz, and for the first time integrated a new Iris Xe graphics card, coupled with a new NVIDIA The GeForce MX450 discrete graphics card allows users to obtain a performance increase of up to 2.5 times compared to the integrated graphics card. Therefore, you can maintain smooth effects when processing photos, editing videos, and playing games, and get rid of blur and smear problems.

In addition, in terms of storage, 16GB DDR4-320MHz high-frequency memory complements Intel’s 11th-generation Core i5-1135G7 processor, which can greatly increase the working bandwidth of the memory and make the data interaction between it and the processor more efficient. Faster and more efficient. For a simple example, if the data interaction between memory and processor is compared to a lane, then it is conceivable that there must be fewer cars passing by two-way 2-lane at the same time than two-way 4-lane, so large-capacity and high-frequency memory is more Can improve the throughput of data processing.

In addition, the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook uses a 512GB PCIe solid-state hard drive, which can easily improve the response speed of the system and the speed of running software. Therefore, it is indeed a boon for the workers who need to make videos, allowing Vloggers to easily get rid of the traditional mechanical hard drive that has a loading speed that makes you wait for nothing.

Star 14 high-performance, thin and efficient office, smart life

In order to meet the needs of diversified office, the star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook is very complete in the interface design, HDMI2.0 interface, USB3.2 Gen1 interface, SD card reader interface, headset integration and other interfaces, the most important is it It also has a USB Type-C 3.2 Gen 2 interface that not only supports charging, but also can perform data transmission and multi-screen output, so that it can meet the application needs of multiple scenarios, and it will no longer be necessary to look for transfers when making proposals to customers. The wiring is awkward.

Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook supports the latest Wi-Fi6 wireless protocol, using intel802.11AX2×2 dual-band dual antennas, the download speed is increased to nearly 3 times, and the network capacity is increased to nearly 4 times. Whether it is daily file transfer, watching high-definition movies or playing large-scale online games, you can maintain a fast and stable network environment, and will not be easily disconnected or dropped. It can create an efficient working environment for you, and Bring a pleasant life experience.

In addition, in this era of intelligence, the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook is also equipped with Huixiaowei’s intelligent voice assistant. It can recognize voice through AI intelligent technology, provide you with content or services such as news information, weather inquiry, and Chinese-English translation, liberating the hands of generation Z young people, and making work and life more intelligent and intelligent through human-computer interaction. Convenient.

Finally, what I have to admire is the endurance of the Star 14’s high-performance, thin and light notebook. This thin and light notebook is equipped with a high-density and large-capacity battery, and with its built-in scientific battery management system, it can achieve up to 8.25 hours of long battery life under the test of Mobile Mark 2018, which is closer to the user’s actual use scenario. Even without a cumbersome charger, it can meet your work needs for a whole day out. At the same time, the Star 14 high-performance thin and light notebook also supports fast charging technology that can charge 50% in 30 minutes, which can make it “full of blood and resurrection” at lunch time.

Cai Xukun’s declaration “The future, I come” fully expresses the enthusiasm of contemporary young people, and the Star 14 high-performance lightweight notebook is also their strongest partner for forwarding, accompany them to ride the wind and waves, all the way forward . Now when you place an order at HP Suning’s self-operated flagship store, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a direct discount of 400 yuan (USD $57) in value-for-money benefits. Quickly click on the link below to take your “strongest partner” home!

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