HP star series 14×360 variant 4G LTE version is quite different

For the young generation Z, whether it’s hobbies or clothes, it’s the expression of personality and self-expression. Similarly, young people often have personalized demands for the productivity tool notebook computers used in the workplace; some people will choose high-quality laptops to express their personality; some will prefer to configure products with excellent performance in order to be practical; some people need lightweight, portable and safe products in order to cope with the diversified working scenes that can be switched at any time 。 In order to fully meet this group of young white-collar workers with various use scenarios and needs, HP has created a dazzling notebook – HP star series 14 X360 variant. It has successfully captured the hearts of many young people with its fashionable and lightweight appearance, powerful performance, 360 degree flexible flip touch screen and 4G LTE version of the Internet function anytime and anywhere.

Nowadays, the popular flip screen design not only meets the young users’ pursuit of fashion appearance design, but also solves the pain point that ordinary computers can’t watch, share and display the screen from various angles. As a result, laptops with 360 degree flip screen will be favored by many young people who pursue a free and light lifestyle. Star 14 X360 variant 4G LTE version not only adopts the most in 360 degree touch flip screen, but also has reasonable price distribution and high cost performance, so that more users can experience the charm of flip screen notebook.

In recent years, HP notebook has formed a relatively unified family style design, so it is highly recognizable in the entire PC market. Star 14 X360 deformation version of 4G LTE version of the four sides of the design is no exception, continues the family style simple and generous, while retaining the three sides easy to open and close, the use of smooth body lines and slightly curved chamfer design, reflecting the fashion, avant-garde atmosphere. The whole product adopts silver color matching. The whole body is smooth and delicate. The C-side is made of black high-quality plastic plate. The top of the product is also designed with an artistic diamond speaker grille, which is concave and convex. It is matched with the Danish Royal B & amp; o audio system to bring excellent three-dimensional sound effect and let you enjoy the audio-visual shock. The lower part is upgraded to a larger touch panel, which makes the operation more comfortable and visually more beautiful. It is equipped with an optional sci-tech backlit keyboard to allow precise input day and night. The optional fingerprint recognizer is also arranged at the bottom right of the C-plane, which can be safely unlocked with one touch, without multiple input of password, which is fast and safe. It refuses to wake up the computer when working. In addition, thanks to the unique material selection and technology, the fuselage is as thin as 18mm and as light as 1.61kg. It is extremely light and suitable for carrying. For users who need mobile office or travel frequently, this design is very intimate.

As mentioned above, flip screen design also solves some of the notebook touch problems. Because the traditional notebook touch screen and the fuselage will form a certain angle, even if it can be opened to 180 degrees, some touch functions can not be brought into full play, and the overall use experience of the system is not perfect. The advantage of 360 degree flip screen is that it can fold the screen and the fuselage together and use it like a tablet computer. Star 14 X360 variant 4G LTE version has four modes of use: notebook, tablet, tent and standing mode, which can be well integrated in different scenes and maximize the convenience of touch screen. For example, some people who like to draw illustrations can draw or write on the computer more conveniently. In the meeting or display, they can also directly flip the screen and use touch to share ppt or other documents.

In addition to the touch screen, the 4G LTE version of the star 14 X360 deformation version also has excellent screen quality. It adopts a 14 inch 1920 × 1080 resolution IPS panel with excellent display effect, and is equipped with flushglass glass, which is not afraid of general hard object damage. At the same time, it also adopts the most popular micro frame design, with simple and neat lines, and also provides a higher proportion of the screen, so that users can get a broader visual effect. The high quality of the product can be seen from all aspects of the screen configuration.

In terms of performance, the 4G LTE version of star 14 X360 is equipped with Intel’s latest Icelake 10th generation 10nm core processor, which greatly improves the computing power compared with the previous generation. Whether it is for graphic creation, video rendering or running games, it can release stronger sexual energy power. Such creative performance can be used to deal with daily work more easily. The memory is also upgraded to DDR4 3200mhz high frequency memory, which makes the system run faster. With the highest nvme 512gb SSD, the high-capacity solid-state, fast reading and writing is even better. Massive data and large-scale software can be stored at will, with both speed and capacity more comfortable.

Although the 4G LTE version of star 14 X360 is very thin and compact, it provides rich fuselage interfaces. On the right side of the fuselage, it is equipped with a hdmi2.0 interface, a USB 3.2 Gen 2 type-C interface, a USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface, a SD card reader and a power interface; and a USB 3.1 gen on the left side of the fuselage 1 interface, headset interface and keyhole, fully meet the needs of various connection expansion in daily situation. Among them, the upgraded hdmi2.0 interface can support 4K output and faster data transmission speed; USB 3.2 Gen2 type-C full function interface supports video output and can charge other devices, with data transmission up to 10Gbps. The most advanced technology enables you to work more efficiently without waiting. In addition to the high-speed wired connection, the wireless connection is also upgraded to 802.11ac dual band WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0, so that the transmission speed and transmission distance can be faster and farther.

Of course, in addition to the lightweight fuselage and portable design, long endurance is also a necessary configuration for the light and thin version. The star 14 X360 variant 4G The LTE version uses a large capacity battery of 43whr and supports fast charging technology, which is very attractive to the majority of young users. After all, there is no external power supply at any time when you go out to carry, go to school and commute, or work on mobile. Star 14 X360 variant 4G LTE version has a battery life of up to 9 hours, which can basically meet the needs of daily life after charging. The fast charging technology also increases the use guarantee. Even if the power is insufficient, 50% of the battery can be charged in 45 minutes, and the power supply during lunch or rest can continue to meet the needs of work.

For mobile office, in addition to portable notebook and battery life, but also to solve the user’s another big pain point, that is, the problem of network connection. Most users may choose to use the hot spot of mobile phone, but this operation is only suitable for emergency use in a short time. It must be known that the hot and power consumption of the mobile phone is hot when the hot spot is turned on. The 4G LTE version of star 14 X360 provides and supports 4G LTE module. Users can connect to the network to send and receive e-mail or conduct video conference, remote collaborative office and other operations anytime and anywhere, which is very convenient. The transmission speed of 4G LTE is fast and stable, and it has good security protection performance. If you are worried about the security risks of public Wi Fi when you are on business, you can also use 4G LTE network to improve the security performance of personal computers. The stable connection of 4G LTE can make users enjoy the safe and stable network environment, realize the creation, office and video entertainment anytime and anywhere, and bring a more perfect use experience. At present, users who purchase the 4G LTE version of star 14 X360 can also enjoy 6 months’ free traffic and 20GB monthly activity. With the current reduction of Internet traffic cost and the trend of mobile office, it is necessary to use 4G LTE function for notebook.

The 4G LTE version of the star 14 X360 variant can change four use modes 360 degrees on the premise of high performance, light weight, portability, delicacy and fashion, which can meet the needs of users in work, study and life LTE also provides a very convenient use environment for users who often need mobile office, and also ensures the use of network security. Larger screen and touch operation make working and learning more comfortable, convenient and even more interesting. In a word, this product is very suitable for the users who pay attention to the appearance and function of the product and pursue the quality of life. If you are interested, you may click the link below to have a deep understanding. I believe that the 4G LTE version of star 14 X360 deformation can perfectly adapt to the appearance and strength of different occasions, and can definitely “press the acceleration key” for your work and learning efficiency.

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