HP War 66 fourth-generation released on October 19, new mold appearance upgrade

Last night, HP officially released the warm-up information for the Z66 fourth-generation notebooks, and announced that it will start pre-sale on October 19. At the same time, HP officially announced a promotional poster. We can see that the HP and 66 fourth-generation notebooks will be equipped with Intel's 11th-generation Core processor, the discrete graphics card will be upgraded to MX450, and the screen will still be 400 nit with high color gamut and 1W low power. The screen consumption is the same as the current third generation.

It is worth looking forward to, as can be seen from the rendering on the poster, the Zhan 66 fourth generation replaced the mold. Although the LOGO is the old round LOGO, the location of the fingerprint module is still on the palm rest on the right side of the fuselage. But the chin of the screen seems to be smaller, and the I/O on the right side of the fuselage is also very different from the current model.

For a long time, the HP War 66 is actually a rebranded product of the HP business notebook ProBook product line. Therefore, you can find out the appearance of the War 66 fourth generation by searching for the new ProBook products released by HP overseas.

Finally, we locked the target on this ProBook 440 G8, which looks like this.

According to HP's official data, the thickness of this ProBook 440 G8 is 1.98mm and the weight is 1.39kg. There are three USB-A ports on the left and right sides of the fuselage, one full-featured USB-C port 10Gbps, one HDMI1.4, one RJ45 and 3.5mm headset and TF card slot.