HTC founder Wang Xuehong said: will not give up 5G mobile phones

Once HTC, as an indispensable top manufacturer in the Android camp, has disappeared from the mobile phone market in recent years, and the highly anticipated VR business has not been popular. HTC has been losing money for 5 consecutive years.

In the first three quarters of 2020, HTC had a cumulative loss of NT$4.898 billion, and it continued to lose money throughout the year.

But recently, HTC founder, chairman and CEO Wang Xuehong said that they will not give up the mobile phone business, and there will be plans for 5G mobile phones in 2021. With the increase of 5G penetration rate, 5G mobile phones will help the company’s operations. There will also be amazing products coming out.

营收暴跌42% HTC连亏5年 王雪红表态:不会放弃5G手机