HTC new machine exposure: there is no urge to buy

As the overlord of the mobile phone industry, HTC has rarely seen mobile phone products in recent years. Recently, the new HTC machine was exposed, and it is reported that this will be a product called HTC Desire 21 Pro 5G.

Although this phone is filmed, you can still see the mint green color and the HTC logo on the back. The rear four-camera design adopts the currently popular upper left camera matrix design, which is basically a consistent design from the current mainstream price range from one hundred yuan to three or four thousand yuan. The camera module revealed that the main camera will be 48 million pixels.

The front of the fuselage is a centered perforated screen with a wider frame, which looks slightly cheaper.

Judging from this design, it should be uncompetitive in the domestic mobile phone market, and there should be no reason to impress consumers.