HTC released its revenue report for April, with revenue of NT $ 297 million, a 31% decrease from March

On May 8th, HTC recently released its revenue report for April 2020. The data shows that revenue is NT $ 297 million, which is less than US $ 10 million. Compared with March this year, HTC’s revenue in April decreased by 31% , Which is half of the income in April last year.

HTC is currently pinning its hopes on HTC Vive VR equipment. Fortunately, the business is continuing to grow, but its revenue still cannot make up for the loss of the smartphone sector. As the global epidemic is having a profound impact around the world, it has cut HTC has also been affected by users’ demand for high-tech equipment.

The data shows that HTC’s revenue in January-April 2020 is NT $ 1.627 billion, about US $ 54 million, slightly lower than half of the same period last year, and the US $ 54 million is only revenue. If net profit is considered, HTC is very likely At a loss, but no certificate is currently available.

Regarding HTC ’s smartphone business, it is expected that a device called HTC Desire 20 Pro will be released in the middle of this year, targeting the mid-end. This will be the first “high-end” mobile phone released by HTC in two years. And support 5G.