HTC will also be a foldable phone with a very unique design

For us, the Snapdragon 765G is just an ordinary mid-range 5G chip, even a little out of date, and its related models have already fallen to a thousand yuan.

However, some mobile phone manufacturers still “see it as a treasure.”

For example, we talked about yesterday that Google dared to buy Pixel 5 equipped with Snapdragon 765G for 4800 yuan (USD $686) .

What’s more surprising is that there is a second manufacturer that does not take such an unusual path on this planet. It is HTC that has already faded out of our sight.

In the middle of the year, HTC U20 5G was released. The appearance is moderate and the configuration is mid-range, but it dared to pay a high price of 4,500 yuan (USD $643) . Typically, there is no big factory life, but a big factory disease.

HTC’s operation in this wave gave people a sort of broken jar, and completely lost the sense of expectation for the mobile phone business.

But is this really the case?

In an interview, Yves Maitre, then CEO of HTC, predicted that HTC’s mobile phone business would turn around in 2025. However, embarrassingly, the CEO has announced his resignation earlier this month and has been in office for less than a year.

Don’t worry, there are other signs that HTC has not completely lost expectations on mobile phones. In addition to 5G, HTC is following another trend in the mobile phone industry-folding.

HTC Folding Phone

According to foreign media LetsGoDigital, HTC applied for a folding device patent at the end of 2019. The patent was published in the World Intellectual Property Office database last month.

According to the patent schematic diagram, HTC intends to make a mobile phone with a vertical + outward folding design, which is completely opposite to the previous Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. At present, such devices have not yet appeared on the market.

The patent also explains the details of the hinge part.

And Samsung Z Flip   Similarly, the HTC folding solution adopts a “rotation stop” design, which can not only be folded or unfolded, but also can be in a half-open state, as if it had a stand.

Compared with other folding phones, HTC’s hinge solution has a very obvious rectangular protrusion, and the joint inside the hinge also uses fingerprints. This is to prevent excessive stretching of the flexible screen during the opening and closing process, improve durability, and also weaken screen creases.

However, the open mechanical structure will obviously bring more troubles, such as foreign matter jam or dust accumulation.

In addition to the hinge design, HTC’s solution also needs to address a risk that all external folding devices may face-screen scratches.

Due to the characteristics of the flexible screen itself, its hardness is far less than that of the common candy bar phones. The outward fold design needs to always expose the screen to the outside, and an accident is a new scratch.

Speaking of the choice of folding in and out, another folding mobile phone manufacturer Huawei also has new thinking.

Huawei Mate X2 may adopt inward folding design

At present, Huawei has launched two mass-produced folding mobile phones, Mate X and Mate Xs, both of which are designed with external folds.

However, the latest news reveals that the next-generation Huawei Mate X2 may change the design direction and adopt an inward folding scheme similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series.

In the folded state, the overall design of the phone is very similar to the previous Huawei P40 series, with a dual-hole full screen on the front and a matrix lens on the back.

The existence of a square opening means that the machine may be equipped with a periscope telephoto lens.

In the unfolded state, the front is a large screen that is close to a square, and adopts a true full-screen design, without any grooves or holes, and the visual effect is good, but this also means that it is not possible to take selfies when unfolded.

This is not the only source of information that indicates that Huawei Mate X2 will adopt an in-fold design. Some people exposed the relevant renderings in the first half of the year. Although the exterior design is very different from the new one, they have the same overall direction and are all inwardly folded.

At present, neither HTC nor Huawei’s new folding machine will be unveiled in a short time. The mobile phone business of the former is weak, and the folding technology is still at the patent stage; the current focus of the latter is on the chip, and the folding project may be delayed.

However, foldable mobile phones are still in the groping stage, and any new design is to provide experience for the industry. No matter who has a new machine, there will be many people paying attention.

Which folding solution do you prefer?