Huami Amazfit GTS2 smart watch: screen surpasses Apple Watch, improving durability

Recently, Apple, Vivo, Huawei, OPPO, Huami and other manufacturers have successively released their new smartwatch products. While these products have improved functions, their appearance design has become more and more fashionable and beautiful, attracting a lot of attention. . However, for users, smart watches cannot ignore their own durability while pursuing fashion.

Smart watches are not fashion accessories that are only for viewing in the window. It is inevitable that you will encounter all kinds of scratches during daily wear and exercise. If the durability of the smartwatch itself is not enough, the screen will be scratched today and tomorrow will be knocked down. It will become "Iraq battle color" within a few days of wearing and use. Even if the crown or button is accidentally damaged, the user will cry No tears. Such a delicate and fragile "vase" obviously cannot meet the daily wearing needs of the majority of users.


Regarding the common pain point of smart watches, which is durability, major manufacturers have different solutions. Huami Technology Amazfit GTS 2 brings a pretty good solution. Amazfit GTS 2 has a 1.65-inch super-retinal display with a PPI of up to 341. Both the fineness of the picture and the 3D curved glass design on the surface are the current smartwatches. However, such a large curved screen is also very prone to wear or bumps in daily use. In this regard, Huami Technology has added a layer of diamond-like carbon coating on Amazfit GTS 2. This is a coating made of carbon and similar in hardness to diamond. Due to process difficulty and cost factors, diamond-like carbon coating was only used on high-end watches in the past, which can increase the Mohs hardness of the glass surface of Amazfit GTS 2 to 9H, which has higher wear resistance and can easily withstand the daily life. An unexpected situation occurred.


Secondly, in the details of the watch body, Amazfit GTS 2 has a shoulder pad design added to the side, which wraps the only physical button crown of the watch body into the streamlined design of the body. This design is more common in high-end watches such as Panerai and Rolex. It can not only reduce the visual abruptness caused by the crown, but also avoid the false touch and bumps of the crown in use, which is very humane.


Starting from the pain point of the product, Amazfit GTS 2 adds diamond-like carbon coating and shoulder guard design regardless of cost, which greatly improves the durability of the watch. This should become the development direction of smart watch products and the most representative in the current smart watch market. The product.

On this basis, Amazfit GTS 2 also supports health monitoring functions such as 50-meter swimming water resistance, independent music playback, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and sleep. Its central rate monitoring can achieve "all-day heart rate monitoring", "excessive heart rate warning" and automatic detection of atrial fibrillation and arrhythmia. The blood oxygen saturation and sleep monitoring functions can not only monitor individual data, but they can also achieve sleep apnea syndrome screening through the combination of AI and Huami health big data, and protect the health of users at all times. In summary, Amazfit GTS 2 is a highly recommended product at the current price of 999 yuan (USD $143) , so you can pay more attention.