Huami Amazfit X Concept Watch Experience Evaluation: The curved body is seamlessly connected and full of science fiction!

1. Foreword One-piece curved surface full of science fiction sense The watch from the future finally comes true

In August last year, Huami released a so-called “watch from the future”-Huami Amazfit X concept watch, which is said to cost tens of millions of research and development costs, and exclusively created a 2.07-inch flexible curved screen. It can be seen that the whole watch adopts a metal one-piece design, the shape is like a crescent moon, the glass is extremely curved, and it has a full sense of science fiction. People can’t help but look forward to the day when it is officially listed.

Now, this concept watch has finally come to us, giving us a chance to see the real style. Huami Amazfit X concept watch, the whole watch is almost a perfect curve, without any unusual protrusions. Under the pure black panel on the front of the watch, a very immersive AMOLED screen is perfectly integrated with the watch body. , And uses the recently popular titanium alloy as the body material, which is durable and light, and has a good texture.

In terms of functions and experience, thanks to Huami’s previous deep cultivation in the field of smart wear , the functions of Huami Amazfit X concept watch should be perfect, not only with the common health exercise monitoring functions of smart watches , such as heart rate, blood oxygen, and sleep monitoring And sports assistance are supported, and other functions such as NFC, alarm clock, message notification, and Alipay offline payment are all a lot, and it also has a long-lasting battery life of up to 7 days.

In addition, in order to improve the feel of the operation without destroying the overall sense, Huami Amazfit X concept watch uses pressure-sensitive buttons to replace the previous mechanical buttons, and at the same time uses a linear motor to simulate the real mechanical touch. Under the full touch screen operation, the feedback feel is no less than mechanical button operation.

At the beginning of this year, this Huami Amazfit X concept watch made its first overseas crowdfunding, and it won an hour of over 100,000 US dollars, and the final price reached 329 US dollars (about 2,300 yuan (USD $329) ).

Today, Huami’s Amazfit X concept watch has officially landed in the domestic market. At 10 o’clock on the 25th, crowdfunding will be launched on the Youpin platform, and the price of this crowdfunding is only 999 yuan (USD $143) .

Next, through detailed evaluation, take a look at Huami Amazfit X concept watch.

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