Huaqing launches deskmini h470 / X300: new look, new processor support

Last night, Huaqing updated its quasi system products with deskmini h470 and X300, which not only have a new look, but also can support the latest processors.

Among them, deskmini h470 adopts Intel h470 chipset and provides lga1200 processor socket, which can be used with Intel’s 10th generation core (comet & nbsp; Lake) processor, and supports up to 65W TDP products and dual channel ddr4-2933 memory. This product supports BFB (basic frequency acceleration) technology, allowing users to increase the main frequency of the processor.

The deskmini X300 supports AMD’s latest ryzen 4000g series APU. It also has a 65W TDP limit. It supports dual channel ddr4-3200 memory and allows users to adjust the frequency of CPU and GPU.

In terms of appearance, the front of the two products adopts clear-cut drawing treatment, and provides a USB type-A, a USB type-C and two audio interfaces.

The back interface is slightly different. The deskmini h470 has one more USB type-C (full function) and two USB type-A interfaces. Both of them use DC interface for power supply, and HDMI, DP and VGA interfaces are also provided for video output.

△ DeskMini H470

△ DeskMini X300

Compared with the previous generation products, the appearance of deskmini h470 and X300 introduced by Huaqing is improved to some extent. Compared with that, it is more handsome, but the workmanship is still ordinary.

If you want to build your own mini mainframe, these two products are still a good choice.