Huawai VR glass experience evaluation: fashionable, light and nearsighted, adjustable audio-visual feast


[techweb evaluation] on September 26, Huawei held its 2019 flagship new product conference in Shanghai, and officially launched a new Huawei mate30 series flagship mobile phone in China. At the same time, it also brought a lot of new smart hardware products, the most remarkable of which is Huawei’s first super model, which is known as “the appearance design of the British industry” and “the audio-visual feast” in the real world Thin VR Glasses & mdash; Huawei VR glass. It is worth noting that after Huawei launched VR glasses in 2017, it renewed the VR product line two years later.

What are the advantages of this VR glasses over the past VR devices? How about its display effect and use experience? Let’s take a look at the essays.

Subverting the traditional VR head display, giving attention to fashion and thinness

At the launch of Huawei mate 30 series mobile phone Chinese Mainland License, Huawei officially brought a new Huawei VR glass, which is different from the traditional VR with large size and heavy wearing burden. From the beginning of design, the new Huawei VR glass mainly focuses on the fashionable and light concept.

Specifically, Huawei VR glass adopts the appearance similar to ordinary glasses. The optical coating technology is used to improve the metallic luster of the surface of glasses. The material of the mirror adopts the nano texture processing technology of the flagship machine. With the flow of light, it presents different metallic luster. With the stable black color matching, it is very sci-fi.

If we want to talk about the biggest bright spot of the device, we have to talk about its light features. Its fuselage thickness is only 26.6mm, only one third of the traditional VR thickness. At the same time, in order to facilitate storage, Huawei VR glass is also equipped with VR carry on storage bag, which can include all accessories, further improving the portability of the product.

In order to increase the comfort of wearing for a long time, Huawei VR glass also specially designed a soft eye mask made of skin friendly protein skin material. The butterfly shape designed based on ergonomics and the elastic support structure can perfectly fit the face shape of more people, greatly reducing the pressure on the face, making it breathable, comfortable and light tight. Moreover, it adopts the disassembly mode of magnetic suction, which is more convenient for cleaning and care.

In addition, Huawei VR glass also provides a detachable elastic strap, which can meet the sliding problem of different people when wearing, and is more suitable for a wider range of head types.

Support 700 & deg; diopter adjustment for myopia and enjoy high quality private viewing experience

Huawei VR glass supports 0-700 & deg; diopter independent adjustment, and the left and right eyes can be independently modified according to their own vision level. In this way, most of the nearsighted people like the author can enjoy VR without wearing glasses.

It is worth mentioning that although the thickness of Huawei IVR glass is only 26.6mm, its display effect is unambiguous. According to the official introduction, Huawei VR glass adopts a three-stage folding optical path, 5-pixel high-precision calibration, a class 100 dust-free assembly environment, 70 lens barrel equipment processes, and 6-layer precision optical coating. In addition to providing exquisite appearance technology, the technical level is extremely excellent.

Huawei VR glass adopts two independent fast LCD screens, with a resolution of 3200 * 1600 and a PPI of 1058, which can greatly reduce the graininess of the screen. At the same time, the device also uses innovative dynamic rendering technology. In use, we can find that the phenomenon of image drag that used to appear in the past has been greatly improved, the sense of vertigo has been greatly reduced, and the overall visual experience has been greatly improved.

In addition, Huawei VR glass also has its own IMAX screen effect, so you can experience the on-site visual sense of being in an IMAX theater after wearing it. The 3D immersive image quality can give you a panoramic view of the big scene and a sense of immersive experience.

In terms of sound quality, the mirror leg of Huawei VR glass integrates double semi open speakers, built-in double smart PA, and supports 3D stereo sound. The sound quality is full, which can give full play to the speaker’s performance, bringing higher volume, thicker bass and better sound quality. In addition, 3.5mm headset and Bluetooth headset can be connected to provide users with more options.

In general, in the actual use and viewing experience, the visual experience of Huawei VR glass is similar to that of most medium and high-end VR devices on the market. However, because it is lighter and more comfortable to wear, it can get a better immersive experience to a certain extent.

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