Huawei and China Radio and Television complete the first low-frequency 5G end-to-end system solution verification

On August 18, it was reported that Huawei announced that it has completed the world’s first 700MHz large-bandwidth 5G end-to-end system solution verification with China Radio and Television. It is understood that this verification is an end-to-end 5G technology verification with a large bandwidth of 2x30MHz in the 700MHz frequency band.

After China Radio and Television obtained the domestic commercial 5G license in 2019, in March this year, China Radio and Television’s 2x30MHz large bandwidth technology under the 5G 700MHz frequency band was officially adopted by 3GPP as the world’s first 5G low-frequency and large bandwidth international standard.

700MHz 2*30MHz base station equipment used in this test

The new standards of China Radio and Television have been adopted internationally, which has enhanced China’s reputation and right to speak in the global 5G industry, and contributed to the promotion of my country’s independent innovation and the acceleration of the global 700MHz industrial chain.

It is understood that the 700MHz frequency band is known as the golden frequency band of mobile communications, and has the advantages of low signal propagation loss, strong penetrating ability, large coverage area, and low networking cost. Previously, the other three operators had the idea of further developing this frequency band, but after the radio and television obtained the commercial 5G license, the final ownership of this frequency band has been announced.

The test plan uses Huawei’s latest 4T4R base station equipment supporting the 700MHz frequency band 2*30MHz bandwidth and Huawei Mate X mobile phones. The downlink peak rate reaches more than 300Mbps, and the uplink peak rate reaches more than 150Mbps. At the same time, the related terminal and chip manufacturers are also completed. Interconnection test.

Not long ago, Qualcomm announced that it had completed the world’s first 5G data call based on the 700MHz frequency band with China Radio and Television. Recently, there has been more and more news from China Radio and Television. To a certain extent, it means that it is officially facing the market. The pace of commercialization is getting closer. With the current 5G boom, can China Radio and Television quickly catch up with the other three operators with its low frequency band and easy coverage, and provide consumers with more 5G choices? Let us look forward to it together.