Huawei and Dewari once again team up to bring Huawei Sound smart speakers with extraordinary sound quality

On October 22, 2020, Huawei's annual autumn overseas conference was successfully held. At the press conference, in addition to the debut of the new Huawei mate40 series, Huawei Sound also made its debut, which aroused public expectations. Finally, at the domestic press conference on October 30, 2020, Huawei Sound came as promised, with built-in Dewari sound quality and Huawei's smart black technology.

Huawei Sound adopts the four-speaker acoustic structure design of Devalé this time, which is composed of 1 4-inch woofer + 3 full-range speaker units, plus 2 PUSH-PUSH symmetric passive units (passive radiators), The body design is more sophisticated, but the sound pressure level can still reach 90dB (data comes from Huawei Labs), which can emit extremely explosive sound and bring shocking music.

Continuation of classic visual design brings visual impact

The most talked-about feature of Huawei Sound X is the visual speaker design, which abandons traditional music and wraps the speaker in the box. Huawei and Deware innovatively use an open visual speaker design. When music is played, the speaker will follow The rhythm of the music is relaxing one by one, bringing a highly ornamental visual enjoyment. Huawei Sound continues the classic design of Devalet, which makes good sound visible when playing music.

In addition, Huawei Sound brought two colors this time, namely bright black and white gold. It is reported that the upper part of the Huawei Sound fuselage adopts piano baking paint process, with a bright texture and smooth arc surface, which makes you feel like you are in a concert hall when listening to music. The gradient color light effect design on the top shows a unique rotating shape with different voice control modes, which well interprets the interaction between light and technology. The top button part uses touch-sensitive buttons, which are sensitive and easy to control. The lower part is designed with a covered high-gloss fiber mesh, which makes sound transmission more free and transparent, while also playing the role of dust and splash prevention.

Deware professional tuning brand new upgrade SAM® technology blessing

Huawei Sound and the French professional and high-end audio brand Divale once again launched an in-depth technical cooperation. After hearing this sound, it is still pleasantly surprised, giving a new listening experience. This time, Huawei Sound uses a full set of Devalet acoustic speaker structure design, Devalet professional tuning, and unique audio algorithm blessing, injecting high-end acoustics and audio technology into Huawei Sound. Deware’s unique audio algorithm blessing, such as crossover point phase balance management, can make the transition from low-frequency signals to mid- and high-frequency signals smooth and smooth; such as loudness management, in the case of different sound loudness and signal content, automatically Adjust the frequency response balance to always ensure a comfortable and pleasant listening experience. A series of tuning algorithms of Deware provide a guarantee for Huawei Sound to present a 360-degree high-quality listening experience.

In addition, Huawei Sound is also equipped with the newly upgraded Deware patented signal processing technology SAM®. The upgraded Devalet SAM® can simultaneously control the woofer + the patented signal processing technology of the accurate displacement of the passive unit. By modeling the woofer and passive unit, the woofer is controlled, the state of air vibration in the sound cavity is controlled, and the diaphragm displacement of the passive unit is accurately controlled. After processing with the new Devalet SAM® technology, the most intuitive feeling is that when you are listening to music, you will feel as if the singer and the performer are in front of you.

For users who like to listen to symphony music, the amplitude of the diaphragm is very important to the performance of music fluctuations. If the diaphragm amplitude is too small, the low-frequency sound pressure level will decrease, and you will obviously feel that the low-frequency volume of the speaker is weak, the bass is not strong enough, and you cannot feel the changes in the intensity of the music; and when the diaphragm amplitude is too large, it exceeds the linearity of the amplitude. In the work area, low frequency will produce distortion, and it will sound turbid and procrastinated. Divare SAM® can keep the sound from the speakers in a good dynamic range, and can convey the excitement of the music better. When listening to the music, the sound is shocking, clean and not procrastinating.

Audio and video synchronization experience brings immersive movie viewing experience

According to the International Telecommunications Union standard, when the wireless synchronization playback delay is less than 100ms, the human body has no perception of the synchronization rhythm of sound and picture. This standard has also been extended to the Internet live broadcast field such as video App websites, etc., usually only wired speakers or more than 10,000 yuan (USD $1429) Professional wireless stereo speakers can do this kind of experience.

Huawei Sound uses point-to-point low-latency audio stream synchronization and feedback audio synchronization technology to realize popular video applications such as iQiyi with a delay of less than 100 milliseconds (data from Huawei Labs), and can be easily matched with TVs, computers, and tablets Waiting for the device, get a non-perceptual video experience. With the choice of a variety of sound effects, such as the personal listening mode exclusively created by Devalet, it will immediately take you into the real immersive world of the drama and enjoy the immersive viewing experience.

The listening method is richer and the interactive experience is upgraded

In addition to supporting wireless transmissions such as Bluetooth 5.0 and dual-band Wi-Fi, Huawei Sound has also added a traditional 3.5mm wired audio input interface, which can match more devices such as PC connections, and easily achieve lossless playback of high-definition music.

Upgrade with just one touch! The mobile phone touches the speaker to transmit music, which reduces the tediousness of manually connecting the speaker and other electronic devices via Bluetooth, and improves the convenient experience of music delivery. The Bluetooth audio coding has been upgraded from the previous SBC/AAC SD transmission to LDAC high-definition transmission. In the case of Bluetooth, you can also listen to high-resolution music close to Hi-Res quality.

Wi-Fi airborne sound transmission, Huawei mobile phones are equipped with EMUI 11.0, which can transmit the audio on the mobile phone to smart speakers through WiFi network mirroring for playback. For non-Huawei Android phone users, Huawei Sound has also improved the experience of high-quality music transmission. At present, the three major domestic music apps such as NetEase Cloud Music, QQ Music, and Kugou Music all support the standard DLNA function. If you put the streaming music URL on any music App to the speaker, you can achieve higher bit rate. play music.

High-quality music with rich selection of audio content

For music lovers, it is extremely uncomfortable if the song you want to listen to is not copyrighted. Huawei Sound has joined hands with Huawei Music, the two major music platforms of Tencent Group's Kugou, with tens of millions of songs, you can listen to them anytime you want. For music enthusiasts, more attention is paid to sound quality. Huawei Sound supports the Fever Selection in the Kugou HiFi Zone and has hundreds of thousands of +Hi-Res high-resolution songs. This time Huawei Music has also reached a cooperation with the Hi-Res streaming music service provider "Sony Select", and is also synchronized in Huawei The Sound smart speaker series launched a high-resolution streaming music library, bringing users a feast of high-quality music.

As a speaker placed in the living room or bedroom, Huawei Sound can meet the needs of the whole family. Mainstream audio content platforms such as Himalaya, Dragonfly FM, Fan Deng Reading Club, including 100 million+ audio content, 7 million+ big-name anchors, including audio novels, audio books, audio books, children’s bedtime stories, cross talks, etc. 300+ content Category to meet the needs of the whole family.

In addition, Huawei Sound also supports unblocked calls, one-touch display of lyrics, HiLink Smart Manager, and more functions waiting for you to discover. From November 1st to 3rd, 2020, Huawei Sound Smart Speakers will be sold for the first time. Order 100 off immediately! And there is a chance to get the season card of Huawei Music Membership Card. For details, please refer to the promotion instructions of Huawei official flagship store on Huawei Mall and major e-commerce platforms.