Huawei completes preliminary test of the world's first 5G + 4K live encoder

On January 13, Huawei ’s wireless network officially announced that Huawei and Gao Jun Technology have completed the test of the world ’s first built-in 5G module + 4K live encoder, and achieved end-to-end 5G network communication services. It marks another step closer to the formal commercialization of 5G networks.

It is reported that this 4K live encoder that integrates the NSA / SA dual-mode 5G network system has two Huawei MH5000 modules built in. It will dynamically upload the 4K video stream in the machine to the 5G network in a dynamic traffic distribution mode. Video server in the cloud before sending it to the relevant video processing device. Just pass a "5G + 4K" backpack, the backpack has a built-in encoder and battery, you will not see the CPE and mobile phone, and the live battery life is greatly enhanced.

The implementation of this facility will reduce the coverage area of optical fiber on a large scale, and it will no longer need a microwave system and a satellite broadcast truck to broadcast, which will greatly reduce the cost. Carrying a backpack can complete the ultra-high-definition live collection and live broadcast tasks, which will change the traditional live broadcast method. In addition, the cloud video server also has an SLA monitoring function, which dynamically and dynamically counts the network KPIs, business KPIs of the two wireless links, and the network capability security zone satisfaction required for high-quality backhaul; this will further enhance "5G + 4K Backpack "Universal adaptation of application scenarios.