Huawei executives responded that Qualcomm lifted the ban on 4G chips: we will still plan for next year’s mobile phones

IT Home News on November 26 According to a report by, recently, it was reported that Qualcomm will resume the supply of Huawei 4G chips. Zhang Pingan, president of Huawei's consumer business cloud service, said in an interview, "We see the news as reported, and believe that they are working hard."

Zhang Ping’an also said, “If the supply of chips for Huawei is resumed, we will continue to supply it. For example, we will release the Mate40. We will still make plans for next year’s mobile phones. If we are willing to supply chips, of course we are willing to use them.”

Earlier, according to a report from China Business News, a Huawei supplier who did not want to be named stated that orders for new 4G mobile phones have begun to stock up. "Currently, small batches of rolling orders are placed. There is no way to estimate the specific order volume."

IT Home learned that in the middle of this month, Qualcomm was revealed to have obtained a license to supply 4G chips to Huawei, but the 5G chip supply has not yet been approved.