Huawei high end notebook to be released soon? Support WiFi 6 Technology

It was previously disclosed on the Internet that Huawei will launch a new notebook in August. Recently, blogger @ Chang’an digital Jun disclosed on his micro blog that this notebook will be released on August 19. It supports WiFi 6 technology, Bluetooth 5.0, etc., and has the characteristics of efficient transmission, stable connection, etc., and is highly positioned.

Earlier, a Huawei matebook notebook product appeared in geekbench database. At that time, the product model was Huawei hlyl-wxx9. According to the information learned from the database, it will be equipped with AMD R7 4800h standard pressure processor, 8-core 16 thread design, basic frequency of 2.9ghz, and acceleration frequency of 4.26ghz.

In geekbench 5 test results, this Huawei notebook single core score of 1171, multi-core score of 7008, score is very high, performance is very good. At the same time, this product will also be equipped with 16GB ddr4-2666 dual channel memory. It is likely that it will be equipped with additional independent graphics cards. GTX 1650 / 1660 Series graphics card products will be selected.

The appearance information of this product has not been disclosed yet, but it is speculated that it should be in Huawei matebook X in the past Pro will be upgraded on the basis of pro. The all metal fuselage is equipped with a 3:2 productivity screen with a resolution of more than 2K. At the same time, it will also support cross platform collaborative office and other functions. It will also be Huawei’s first WiFi 6 notebook. You can look forward to it together.