Huawei launched a vertical wireless charger: support 50W fast charge + built-in silent fan

On the evening of October 22, Huawei held a press conference and officially launched the Mate 40 series flagship. The new series of new machines support up to 66W wired charging and 50W wireless charging in terms of charging. For wireless charging, Huawei also launched a vertical wireless charger that supports 50W wireless super fast charging.

In terms of appearance design, this vertical wireless charger adopts a vertical design with a 60° elevation angle, which allows you to play with your mobile phone while charging. The bottom is designed with a card slot, with a non-slip mat, which can hold the phone firmly.

In terms of functions, the new Huawei vertical wireless charger supports a maximum power of 50W, which is also Huawei's most powerful wireless charger. In addition, it has built-in dual coils, and the range of induction has become larger.

It is worth mentioning that the new Huawei vertical wireless charger is also equipped with a smart silent fan, which uses smart to adjust the fan speed during the day and automatically switches to the ultra-quiet mode at night. Moreover, the built-in centrifugal fan can greatly increase the air volume, which can dissipate heat for the charger and the mobile phone.