Huawei launches "New Image·Mobile Movie Project" to allow users to enjoy image creation

On November 25-28, 2020, the 33rd Chinese Film Golden Rooster Awards ceremony series will be held in Xiamen. Huawei Mobile, as a strategic partner for the entire event, jointly launched the “New Image · Mobile Movie Project” on November 27, encouraging more professional filmmakers and ordinary users to use mobile phones for image creation.

As early as last year, at the 28th China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, Huawei proposed the “New Image·Mobile Film Competition.” After 8 months of solicitation and selection, the “New Image·Mobile Film Forum and the First New Image·Mobile Film Contest Commendation Ceremony” showed many excellent mobile movie works created by ordinary consumers based on Huawei mobile phones. 8 mobile phone movie short films including “No Sound Here”, “The Shaver”, “Guard the Earth”, “Neighbors”, “Stop Waiting for My Takeaway”, etc. won the honor of six mobile phone movies.

Based on years of continuous and deep cultivation in the field of imaging technology, Huawei mobile phones allow ordinary users to easily complete the creation of film and television works using their mobile phones. The image capabilities of the Huawei Mate40 series launched this year have been improved again, using a 1/1.53-inch ultra-wide-angle lens with a large photosensitive size as a movie lens. It has a straight 20 million pixels, and a larger single pixel area makes the image quality better. At the same time, it supports the super sports anti-shake function, and obtains a stable and smooth video picture through the algorithm. Even if the hand-held shooting of running, basketball and other sports scenes, the picture is still smooth and stable; the sound pickup effect is further enhanced. The substantial upgrade of the entire imaging system allows Huawei Mate40 series to continue to lead the development trend of mobile imaging, allowing users to use mobile phones to create movies, opening the era of all-round mobile imaging.

Through the use of award-winning mobile phone film works shot by Huawei mobile phones, we can find that mobile phones have inherent advantages in many aspects as a tool for film creation. Mobile phones are more compact and portable, and can take more extreme angle shots. For non-professional actors, mobile phone lenses are less “aggressive”, allowing actors to express their feelings more calmly.

Huawei mobile phone takes video screenshots

This time, Huawei’s new product upgrades its dynamic image capabilities and also adds XD Fusion real-time video HDR technology. Compared with ordinary digital cameras, the mobile phone’s movie lens has more advantages in the dynamic range and color algorithm of backlit scenes, eliminating many With the cost of adjusting the parameters in advance and color correction in the later stage, creators can concentrate on the content that the film itself wants to express.

The reason why Huawei mobile phones invest a lot of manpower, time, and capital in R&D costs for video shooting is of course not to replace traditional cameras, but to meet the rapidly growing demand for video creation in the 5G era and lower the technical threshold for users in video shooting. Let more ordinary consumers be the director of life through a mobile phone. Just as Li Changzhu, vice president of Huawei’s Consumer BG Consumer Strategy Marketing Department, mentioned in his speech that “mobile movies are rooted in the public’s enthusiasm for image creation”, mobile phones must not let down users’ creative enthusiasm.

The significance of mobile movies is to promote the popularization of movies. Through simpler shooting tools, more ordinary people have the opportunity to express their emotions, record their lives, and convey the power of images. With the improvement of Huawei’s mobile imaging capabilities, the power of imaging works completed with mobile phones will become a new force, boosting the vigorous development of the entire imaging industry, including professional movies.