Huawei maimang 9 5g, which is not afraid of challenges, is worthy of young and fearless young people

5g is among the seven latest infrastructure sectors announced by China this year. The national construction around 5g is in full swing, but in the face of the high price of 5g package fees and 5g mobile phones, the majority of young users have to flinch.

Although operators have lowered the price of 5g packages to double digits, the mainstream 5g mobile phones are still at the 3, 4K and even higher prices. There are few 2000 5g mobile phones in the market. Even if there are, the comprehensive strength of the brand in the field of 5g technology needs to be discussed.

The majority of young users who are willing to contact new things have not enough purchasing power to keep their face unchanged and consume a high-end 5g mobile phone at any time. How to choose a 5g mobile phone that is suitable for them, at the same time, the price is relatively affordable, and there is a big brand endorsement, is the problem they are facing. Fortunately, the appearance of the Mai mang 9 series, which was officially released at the end of last month, has solved these problems.

5g Internet users can enjoy themselves wherever they go

Maimang 9 is equipped with 5g SOC with 7Nm process and supports NSA / SA dual-mode six band (N1 / n77 / N38 / n41 / N78 / N79). In the frequency band, it is not only compatible with the old frequency band, but also covers the new frequency band under construction and put into use in the future. It is a real 5g all network communication.

Whether you are at the amusement park site or on the way to the amusement park, take the subway to and from work, or have black entertainment with your roommates at school, based on Huawei’s leading 5g technology, maimang 9 can solve the 5g network requirements covering different scenarios, and effectively solve various problems encountered in the user’s network connection.

As long as there is 5g base station coverage, the mobile phone can access 5g network at any time without dropping the line. In the face of poor network signal and network dropping scenarios such as elevator and underground garage, with the 5g network connection rate of maimang 9 high speed and the four antenna SRS sky selection technology, the impact of signal is minimized, and fast network searching is realized accurately. The elevator and garage return to 4G / 5G per second, and the theoretical peak value download speed reaches 2.94gbps.

Use Mai mang 9 and friends to open a black game, from then on completely and mobile game players abhor 460ms said goodbye.

When your partner is in the bedroom scratching his / her ears and pounding his / her chest and feet against the “out of control” game characters due to network delay, you can always maintain the “quick step” ability to lead your teammates to victory and win the MVP.

In terms of improving the user’s game experience, the emui 10.1 system running by maimang 9 must also have a name. The system is pre installed with Huawei’s game center, providing functions such as game acceleration, message free, game recording screen, etc. In addition, emui 10.1 system also supports a variety of functions, such as dark mode, finger joint screen capture, free link call, etc., which is very convenient.

In addition, aiming at the pain points of high 5g power consumption, short service life of mobile phones, more heating and poor user experience, maimang 9 optimized the power consumption under 5g with the help of Huawei’s seven major technical solutions, which greatly improved the overall service life.

Make sure you have both hands on the journey

In addition to playing games, young people in 5g era also play drama and watch short videos anytime and anywhere.

Recently, a number of popular Huawei mobile phones have appeared in the hit drama “just 30”. They meet the needs of the cast members’ mobile phone props, while maimang 9 meets the needs of young people’s high-definition pursuit of drama.

First of all, maimang 9 is equipped with a 6.8-inch pole Full HD full screen, with a resolution of 2400 * 1080 and a gold ratio of 20:9, which accounts for 90.33% of the screen, bringing enough shocking visual display effect. The screen supports HDR 10 display and has passed the low blue light certification of German Rhine.

Maimang 9 with 3D frame design can not only bring excellent hand feeling, but also make the fuselage look high-end and high-grade.

After class and work, young people spend a lot of time chasing dramas, brushing microblogs, watching live broadcast and watching variety shows. The fingerprint identification module is designed on the side of the fuselage, which makes it convenient for them to quickly unlock their mobile phones and enter the drama playing state immediately.

The fuselage design details of maimang 9 are customized to meet the needs of young people. However, no matter whether the mobile game or the pot play, long-term endurance is equally important.

Maimang 9 has built-in 4300mah large battery since its appearance, which is the first to lead other mobile phones of the same price in terms of capacity. In addition, the newly upgraded 22.5w super fast charging device can plug the official charger into maimang 9 when you are tired after hand games and drama. After a nap, your mobile phone will be full of vitality.

With maimang 9, you don’t have to be afraid of the low battery of 5g mobile phone, and the service life is touching, because for it, it’s nothing.

When someone else swipes the drama for a long time to automatically shut down, but your pick maimang 9 is still full of power, so it is easy to do both hand games and chasing dramas.


A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. The accumulation of wealth has never been achieved overnight. The vast majority of people will inevitably go through the primitive period. In the process of accumulating wealth for young people, there are some provinces in the province.

The release of maimang 9 is to let young people buy a dual-mode 5g mobile phone with comprehensive functions and quality that can stand the test at the most competitive price in the 5g era. This 5g mobile phone with good comprehensive performance, drama and game playing is definitely a good choice. The starting price of 2199 yuan (USD $314) is more value for money. If you buy a new machine in Huawei mall and the official flagship stores of major e-commerce platforms, you can also enjoy three periods of interest free benefits and free Huawei headphones. Don’t miss it!