Huawei mate 40 series full range rendering exposure: double hole waterfall screen + Oreo

According to the information previously disclosed by foreign media, Huawei is expected to launch a brand-new mate 40 series flagship during this year’s national day. However, it is also reported that due to well-known reasons, the debut of the machine may be slightly delayed, and it may not be able to meet you until the end of October. However, it is getting closer to the urgent release. Now there is the latest news. Recently, it is reported from abroad that onleaks has further published a set of high-definition omni-directional appearance rendering of the machine.

According to the latest rendering image released by onleaks, the new Huawei mate 40 series will still adopt waterfall screen design. However, compared with the touch volume button used in the previous mate30, the machine re provides the entity volume key and power key, which also means that the curvature of the screen will not change greatly, but the visual impact will be The force will still be high. The upper left corner of the screen is equipped with a front hole digging camera, and the face recognition module will be integrated in the hole digging. As for the back of the fuselage, the design idea of mate30 is basically continued, and the circular four camera module is still used.

In other aspects, according to the information previously exposed, the new Huawei mate 40 series will adopt a full-scale open-ended dual camera waterfall screen, equipped with a new Kirin 1020 processor code named “Baltimore”, which is based on the 5nm process and adopts cortex a77 or A78 architecture. It is worth noting that recently, it has been reported that the foreign version of the flagship series will carry the flagship chips of Qualcomm or Samsung. In addition, the camera will be equipped with a newly upgraded super sensitive Leica four camera camera. The main lens may use 108 million pixels. Meanwhile, the zoom and movie lens will also be upgraded. A periscope long focus lens will be added to support 5x optical zoom and 55x digital zoom.

It is reported that the new Huawei mate 40 series will be postponed to the end of October. At present, it is stepping up the key debugging and manufacturing. In addition to the new Kirin 1020 chip, it has been reported that the machine will also be greatly upgraded in many fields, including product performance, 5g capability, system optimization, ID design, etc. We’ll see more details.