Huawei Mate X2 panel production in September, 8.03 inches Samsung folding screen

Some time ago, industry insider Ross Young broke the news that Huawei Mate X2 folding screen mobile phone will be equipped with an 8.03-inch screen, and the suppliers are Samsung and BOE. The latest news on August 20th, Ross Young once again broke the news that the folding panel of Mate X2 will start production in September.

According to the leaked content, Huawei Mate X2 will be equipped with an 8.03-inch folding screen with a resolution of 2480×2220, but it will not cover the flexible glass cover, and still choose the CPI (transparent polyimide) cover. At the same time, the folding screen panel will be put into production in September, and the machine is expected to be assembled in mass production in October and will be officially launched in November.

In addition to an 8.03-inch folding screen panel on the front, according to the previously exposed Huawei folding screen mobile phone design patents, the sidebar of the Mate X2 will also be equipped with a small secondary screen to display time, date, weather and other information. Above the secondary screen is the camera. Buttons and related sensors, while the Mate X2 is also expected to have a built-in stylus, placed in the center pillar structure on the side.

In terms of hardware configuration, according to the information currently learned, Huawei Mate X2 will be equipped with a Kirin 9000 processor, with up to 16GB of running memory and 512GB of flash memory. Front 3200W + 800W dual camera, rear 4800W main camera + 4000W movie lens + 1200W periscope telephoto + ToF depth-of-field lens, and a 6000mAh large-capacity battery will be built in, supporting 65W super fast charging. The machine will be a bright spot with Huawei Mate40 series in September. Let’s look forward to it.