Huawei Mate40 posters are exposed, the camera outlines sharp

On October 14 news, He Gang, president of Huawei's consumer business mobile phone product line, announced the latest poster of the Mate 40 series global conference on his social account, showing us more details of the Mate 40 series.

In the poster, we can see that the outline of the camera part of the rear cover of Huawei Mate40 is no longer the same as that of the previous Mate30 rear cover. Instead, it uses a prismatic transition.

In addition, the red power button and physical volume button were also exposed by the poster. The design returned to the physical volume button, which is more in line with the user's habits. And from the light effect details in the poster, it is shown that its appearance may adopt an arc design, which is in line with the user's holding effect.

According to official sources, the Huawei Mate 40 series is scheduled to open an online global press conference at 20 o'clock on October 22, Beijing time.