Huawei Mate40 Pro built in gold: limited to 8 units, priced at 465,000 yuan (USD $66429)

Recently, the well-known luxury customized brand Caviar entered China with the Chinese name Kaiweia. Prior to this, Caviar was known for customizing a limited gold edition iPhone.

From the official website, we can see that the most expensive product currently on sale in Kaiweiah is the customized version of PS5, with a price of 2,348,889 yuan (USD $335556) .

Among them, Caviar also recently launched three customized versions of Huawei Mate40 Pro, namely the landscape Chinese painting version priced at 38,500 yuan (USD $5500) , the flying lion brave version at 42,800 yuan (USD $6114) , and the precious harmony version at 465,000 yuan (USD $66429) .

According to the official introduction, the precious and harmonious version of Huawei Mate40 Pro uses an 18K gold shell, and the back panel is carved with traditional Chinese patterns.

Both turtles and cranes have their own unique meanings. The tortoise shell is made of turquoise jade, and each turtle shell is inlaid with a gold frame; while the shape of the crane is made of enamel, natural jade and 18K gold.

The products that Kaiweiah sells are all high-end customizations based on the original model, and the internal configuration parameters have not changed. Interested local tyrants can find out.