Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche Design releases the soul of a classic supercar with a powerful rear shell design

On October 30th, Huawei Mate40 series was released in Shanghai. As the most cutting-edge representative of the series, Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche design inherits the consistent super-running gene and luxurious temperament, and brings a highly recognizable rear shell shape, becoming Huawei's aspirational work in the field of high-luxury mobile phones this year.

As the sixth luxury mobile phone jointly launched by Huawei and Porsche Design, the Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche Design is the undoubted pinnacle of the series, and it was released as a tribute to the times.

Different from the other three sibling models for the high-end market, Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche Design not only continues the Mate series Porsche design's consistent luxury and super-running genes, but also perfectly blends with the elements of Huawei and Leica.

Supercar genes re-evolve to show a new edge in the future

The soul of a classic supercar will always last forever. The machine continues the linear supercar track design style of previous Porsche versions, and the fuselage adopts a vertical stripe design through up and down. The stripes rise slightly in the middle of the ceramic back cover, and the matte strips and the shiny body double elements embellish each other.

The back cover of Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche design adopts ultra-running flying line design. After careful selection and repeated deliberation, the material of nano-crystalline ceramic with extremely high strength is finally selected. When the light and shadow of the ceramic matte and bright surface overlap more strongly, the delicate texture is clear and tangible. The Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche design has also been successfully forged, with its gentle and rock-solid rear shell.

The Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche Design ceramic rear shell can easily resist daily abrasion. In order to make it show more extreme artistic language and release more beauty, a laser is used to engrave artistic matte light bars on the rear shell, which is clear Delicate and full of touch. When the outer surface of the matte treatment lines transitions from convex to smooth, the three-dimensional visual experience reveals a touch of sensuality in the domineering. The curved body design also highlights the sense of sculpture visually, and finally gives the mobile phone back cover a unique three-dimensional contour form.

Following the classic central axis symmetrical design, the three major logos "appear on the same stage"

Since the Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche design adopts the super-running style design, the visual sharpness not only requires physical design, but also the blessing and embellishment of more eye-catching lines.

The "PORSCHE DESIGN" logo, which symbolizes the symbol of nobility, is arranged vertically and is connected with the "HUAWEI" and "LEICA" logos. It once again echoes the classic Mate series axis-symmetrical design genes that penetrate the fuselage, giving users a harmonious and orderly design. Visual experience.

When HUAWEI, Porsche, and LEICA, the three LOGOs with their own halo of kings in their respective fields, can "appear on the same stage" on the back of a mobile phone, as if they are performing a wonderful interpretation of "heroes cherish heroes".

The octagonal "star diamond design" lens brightens the eyes and looks wonderful

The new super-sensing Leica film five-shot, each lens is covered with the iconic blue-green coating, each is wonderful, while shining like a sapphire light, it also maintains excellent optical performance. Interestingly, the rear camera lens module of Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche Design adopts an octagonal "star diamond design", which is highly recognizable. At the same time, each lens adopts the iconic blue-green coating, and each lens is as clear as a bright eye. .

The new super-sensing Leica five-camera film flashes dazzling like a sapphire while maintaining excellent optical performance. Whether you use it to take photos or record videos, Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche design can create full scenes, full time frames, and full focal lengths. The super image capability.


As the representative of Huawei's highest standard mobile phone, Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche design inherits the super-running gene, and cleverly integrates the iconic dynamic flying line with the sculptural curved body. The one-piece ceramic back shell of the crater not only demonstrates the excellent quality, but also subtly reveals the excellent craftsmanship details. The dual colors of ceramic black and ceramic white also show the philosophical beauty of Chinese Tai Chi and two rituals.

Coupled with the built-in Kirin 9000 chip, 5G, and imagery of Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche design, it makes it easy to stand up to the top, and at the same time, it more firmly establishes the posture of the flagship benchmark. When innovative technology combines classic aesthetics, The spirit of running interprets the high-end flagship. The Huawei Mate40 RS Porsche design has outlined what a top mobile phone should look like.