Huawei Mate40 series x Tmall staged dark light "Sanchakou" into the whole scene of smart life

On December 25th, Huawei and Tmall platform brought full-scenario products such as Huawei Mate40 series and smart screen S series to open the Tmall Huawei Grand Ceremony to create a full-scenario smart life for consumers. In order to allow consumers to experience the entire scene more intuitively and in-depth, Huawei’s Mate40 series cooperated with the National Peking Opera Theater to launch dark light “Sanchakou”, presenting an immersive Peking opera experience in front of the audience. Peking opera artist Song Xiaochuan and Peking opera culture advocate Wang Peiyu Leading the audience with the famous actor Lan Xi to witness the techniques and art of a century of traditional art. Through the Huawei Mate40 super-perceptive Leica film images, more people can see, understand and enjoy Peking Opera.


Talking about Facebook and talking about Overlord Huawei Mate40 series freeze frame Yu Ji dance sword

This time, the Huawei Mate40 series and the National Peking Opera Theatre invited Song Xiaochuan, an artist in the Peking opera industry and the art teacher of Leslie Cheung in the film “Farewell My Concubine” Peking Opera, to introduce the makeup skills and costumes of Peking Opera to the audience, thanks to the Huawei Mate40 series super-sensing Leica Movie images, important details in Peking Opera facial makeup, such as the “Wokouyan” and “Brow and Longevity Line” of Bawang’s facial makeup, are clearly displayed.

With the help of the 2.5㎝ super macro of Huawei Mate40, Peking Opera artist Song Xiaochuan showed the audience the rare Peking Opera treasures such as the “Yu Ji real gold embroidered skirt costume” worn by Mei Lanfang in Shanghai in 1922. Craftsmanship. With the super macro shooting and the smooth call function and the high-definition picture quality of Huawei’s smart screen, the audience can directly see the texture details of the precious costumes at close range, which greatly enhances the audience’s understanding of the details of the Peking Opera service. Awe with ingenuity.

After a series of detailed display of old objects, Peking opera artist Song Xiaochuan and Peking opera culture proponent Wang Peiyu led the audience to appreciate the classic segment of Peking Opera “Farewell My Concubine”-Yu Ji dance sword. The graceful figure, curvaceous movements and the “Deep Night” tune are extremely powerful in artistic expression and appeal, easily bringing the audience’s sense of time and space into the play. In the audience, Mr. Song Xiaochuan used Huawei Mate40 to record the figure of Yu Ji. With 30x zoom, Huawei Mate40 can easily freeze the picture in the distance. In fact, Huawei Mate40 Pro and Huawei Mate40 Pro+ also support 5x optical/50x digital zoom, 10x optical/100x digital zoom, respectively, allowing viewers to get closer to the distance and closer to art.

A century-old classic repertoire is staged in the dark for the first time. Huawei Mate40 series presents a glimmering feast

After talking about Facebook and talking about Overlord, the wonderful finale “Sanchakou” will come on stage. The climax of this scene is a fight in the dark. In order to allow the audience to enter the play more immersively, and to show the skills and art of Peking opera actors, this dark light “Sanchakou” and the past “Sanchakou” “Cross Road” has a different performance format. Its fighting scenes are performed in a dark environment. This is the first time that Peking Opera has been staged in a dark light in a century.

Although the stage was performed in dark light, it did not affect the audience’s experience of this extremely thrilling play. All the details of the action on the stage were captured by the super-sensing Leica movie image of Huawei Mate40 series. The sensor size of the Huawei Mate40 series movie lens has reached 1/1.53. It has excellent light sensitivity and a greater amount of light in low-light shooting. Whether it is the loss of the fight in the night or the sharpening of the tip of the nose from the top of the head, the danger is only a slight difference. , Huawei Mate40 series recorded uniformly, presenting every detail to the audience perfectly.

In the dark light “Sanchakou”, the Peking opera actors have many martial arts movements and large ranges, but the Huawei Mate40 series always freezes them in the center of the picture. This is because the Huawei Mate40 series adopts the AI follow-up function and uses advanced algorithms to pass wide-angle pictures. Real-time cropping and zooming realizes automatic dynamic follow-up, allowing Peking opera actors to always occupy the C position. Coupled with the support of the laser focus sensor, Huawei Mate40 series can focus accurately and accurately in the dark, without virtual focus. Huawei Mate40 series also added the XD Fusion hardware real-time video HDR function, the highlights are not exposed, and the dark parts have details, which can further improve the picture quality.

I see the extraordinary and see the bright moments in the dark

The immersive experience that the dark light “Sanchakou” brings to the audience is behind the decades of perseverance of the Peking opera actors who stick to their beliefs and have a bright heart on stage. People who work hard have their own light. Just as the national Peking Opera artist Song Xiaochuan said, “Grow up in the dark, and walk through the darkness to meet the dawn. As each of us, we must firmly believe in the love in our hearts and become our beacon to illuminate the world. This is a direction we are pursuing.” Peking opera actors are in the “dark night” on stage, but there is still the highlight that belongs to them on the stage; the audience is under the stage, using Huawei Mate40 series to see their highlight moments in the dark.

The dark light “Sanchakou” is the perfect embodiment of technology empowered art. The Huawei Mate40 series provides a new recording form and interpretation method for traditional Peking opera art, and also presents a brand-new immersive viewing experience to the audience. Then there are abstract cultural images, but new and interesting audio-visual experiences, which more and more young people can see, love, spread, and inherit.

On December 25, Huawei and Tmall jointly created for the first time a year-end grand carnival customized for consumers officially launched. Huawei’s official flagship store 2.0 is newly presented, bringing a more user-friendly full-scenario shopping experience; at the same time, it intuitively displays smart commuting, smart office, smart fitness, smart entertainment, smart living and other smart life scenarios through animation effects, allowing consumers to experience the full Immersive experience of the scene.