Huawei matebook D 2020 Ruilong has sold more than 100 million yuan for the first time. It’s right to make it a university gift

暑假已经过半,离开学的日子已经不远了。在这个时候,也是准大学生们为自己的大学生活选购装备的好时节。而在前不久刚刚发布的华为MateBook D 2020锐龙版,也在将在8月6日迎来首销。

Huawei matebook D 2020 Ruilong version ushered in the first sale, with amazing results, and it was warmly welcomed by consumers on the same day. The total channel sales exceeded 100 million yuan, and won six Championships: Jingdong platform won the double champion of notebook sales / sales; tmall platform won the double champion of notebook sales / sales; Suning e-buy platform won the double champion of 14 inch notebook sales / sales. Matebook D 2020 Ruilong version has become the new lightweight and popular model in the market!

Huawei matebook D series, as a young generation of Huawei notebook camp, used college students as the core audience users at the beginning of its appearance. Huawei matebook D 2020 Ruilong version, after several generations of Huawei PC product experience, is mutated and upgraded, which is more suitable for college students in terms of product positioning and detail processing. It will become your smart partner in college life.

Huawei matebook D 2020 Ruilong version is still simple and grand in appearance design. The fuselage has two colors of bright moon silver and deep sky gray. The bright moon silver is pure and natural, and the deep space gray technology is cool. It can have college students who can meet different aesthetic needs. Matebook D 2020 Ruilong body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, and has been quenched by more than 40 anodizing processes, which makes the whole machine reveal a bit of luxurious texture. The fuselage shell is also treated by sanding process, which has a very delicate and silky touch.

In addition to having different colors, the matebook D 2020 sharp dragon edition also provides 14 inch and 15.6 inch versions for students of different purposes and majors to choose from. Both models are very lightweight. The 14 inch version weighs 1.38kg, and the 15.6inch version weighs 1.53kg. Commuting and going out will be a burden to you.

The mattebook D 2020 Ruilong version of the screen adopts the comprehensive screen design with Huawei characteristics, and the screen proportion is more than 80%. Students can have a very broad and grand vision whether they complete their professional homework or play games. In addition, considering that students often use computers, the screen of matebook D 2020 sharp dragon also adopts the dual certification of German Rhine low blue light and no stroboscopic to double protect the eyesight.

In addition to the eye protection full screen, Huawei matebook D 2020 Ruilong version of the design in other aspects is still commendable. Its keyboard is designed with black characters on a white background, which is very harmonious with the style of the whole machine. Moreover, the key range is reasonable, the feedback is clear, and the touch panel is very easy to use, which effectively improves the learning efficiency of students.

In addition, Huawei matebook D 2020 Ruilong version interface can also meet the daily needs of students. It has some mainstream interfaces such as type-C interface, HDMI interface, 3.5mm headphone interface, usb3.2 GEN1 interface, etc.

In terms of performance, the matebook D 2020 sharp dragon version has also made a comprehensive upgrade. It uses a new amd sharp dragon 4000 series processor, and the top configuration is the AMD sharp dragon 7 4700u processor. Amd sharp dragon 7 processor adopts a new 7Nm manufacturing process and zen2 architecture. The main frequency, frequency, core number, process number, core display and other parameters of the processor have been changed, and the performance has reached a new height. In addition, 16g dual channel large memory and 512gb nvme pcle SSD support, whether you are writing a paper, or image processing, video editing, matebook D 2020 Ruilong edition can basically meet your needs.

The most distinctive selling point of matebook D 2020 is its multi screen collaborative function. Based on Huawei’s mature hardware ecology, matebook D 2020 sharp dragon can work with Huawei mobile phones, control the mobile interface on the computer, support file transmission, receive and make calls on the computer, manipulate the app on the mobile phone, etc., which can effectively improve the learning efficiency of students.

Huawei matebook D 2020 Ruilong version also has fingerprint power on unlocking function, which combines power key and fingerprint identification module into one, which makes unlocking faster and more convenient. In addition, the matebook D 2020 sharp dragon camera is placed in the keyboard to make the screen border narrower and better protect privacy.

In addition, considering the daily commuting needs of students, matebook D 2020 sharp dragon provides pocket charger with only 160g charger, charging efficiency of 65W, and compatible with multiple output power. It can also charge some Huawei mobile phones with super fast charging and multi-purpose charging, which can completely reduce the burden of your commuting.

Notebook is also one of the entertainment tools for college students. Matebook D 2020 also uses a new sound algorithm to give you an immersive stereo experience, whether it’s listening to music, watching movies, playing games, you can forget yourself in it.

Huawei matebook D 2020 Ruilong version takes care of the needs of college students in terms of appearance, performance and use experience. After several generations of product iterations, we have also seen the evolution of the matebook D series. In Huawei matebook D Li Bin, vice president of Greater China region of Huawei’s consumer business and director of integration business department, said at the new product launch conference of Ruilong 2020: “under the 1 + 8 + n full scenario strategy, notebook computers, as the core entrance of office scenes, can, on the one hand, interact with Huawei’s smart phones in multi screen interaction and cross screen collaboration to bring smart office experience to consumers; on the other hand, as a productivity tool, notes taking The computer should have strong performance, improve the efficiency of user learning and office. Huawei matebook D 2020 Ruilong brings consumers a more efficient intelligent office experience through the upgrade of smart experience such as performance and multi screen collaboration. ” Huawei’s full scene ecology is also one of the core competitiveness of matebook D series.

At the time when the new products of matebook D series are launched, and college life is about to begin, if you want to choose notebook as your college gift, matebook D series is a good choice for you. At present, this new line is still in hot sale, and it is still a good time to choose.

The R5 version of Huawei matebook d 14 2020 is RMB 4099 and the R7 version is RMB 4599; the R5 version of Huawei matebook D 15 2020 is RMB 4199 and the R7 version is RMB 4699. Huawei matebook D 2020 Ruilong edition will be one of the most valuable light metal books in the price range of RMB 4000 to RMB 5000.

Of course, Huawei notebook family products such as Huawei matebook 14 are also worth considering. There is always a lightweight version of Huawei family, suitable for you.