Huawei P40 Pro DXOMARK score is about to be revealed: can super-perceptive imaging systems dominate?

On the evening of March 26, Huawei officially released the annual image flagship P40 series, including the P40, P40 Pro, and P40 Pro + models. The camera performance broke through again. It is officially called "super-perceptual imaging system", but it may be due to epidemic conditions. , DxOMark's results have not yet come out, so it was not public at the recent press conference, which further suffocated fans' appetite. Fortunately, DXOMARK officially brings the latest news recently, and the results of Huawei P40 Pro will be announced soon.

According to the latest official announcement from DXOMARK, the score of Huawei P40 Pro is about to be presented. Although the official time has not been announced, it is not difficult to guess that the final answer is likely to be announced at the upcoming Bank of China conference. It was April 8. It is worth noting that, as DXOMARK officially stated, the P40 series sent DXOMARK for testing is not the top-matched version of Huawei P40 Pro +, but a slightly lower but equally excellent P40 Pro, and its The results are likely to dominate.

In other respects, according to the currently known news, the new Huawei P40 Pro is equipped with a matrix super-sensing Leica quad camera module, which includes a 50-megapixel super-sensing main camera + 40-megapixel movie camera + 12-megapixel telephoto + 3D depth Sensor camera, replacing two light-changing lenses with one super-sensitive periscope telephoto lens, supporting 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom, and 50x digital zoom, 16-in-1 pixels, and 4K HDR + time-lapse photography , 4K 60fps ultra-high-definition photography, 7680fps ultra-high-speed photography, real-time blurred video, OIS + aIS super anti-shake, ISO 51200 ultra-high sensitivity and other functions, although not comparable to the P40 Pro +, but the strength is still brutal.

It is reported that the new Huawei P40 series flagship Bank of China conference will be held on April 8th. It is no surprise that the DXOMARK results of the Huawei P40 Pro full of suspense will also be officially announced. We will wait and see more details.