Huawei P40 series first price exposure: price increase is inevitable, the Chinese Mainland License version is also inevitable

After a long break, the new Huawei P40 series flagship will be released today in Paris via the online network. As the press conference enters the final countdown, as of now, the appearance and key configuration details of the aircraft have been compared. Reliable news, the biggest suspense remaining is probably the price. Now there is the latest news. Recently, foreign media have revealed the price information of this series of flagships in the European market.

According to the latest news released by foreign media Winfuture, in line with the general trend of global smartphone price increases this year, the price of the new Huawei P40 series will also increase to a certain extent compared to the previous P30 series. Specifically, Winfuture said that the starting price of Huawei P40 will be 799 euros (about RMB 6,139), and the starting price of P40 Pro will be 999 euros (about RMB 7,675). We know that Huawei P40 series will also have a P40 Pro Plus version, but Winfuture did not disclose the price of this version. For domestic users, although Huawei's domestic pricing is relatively conscientious each year, it is said that the lowest price of P40 this year will also be around 4000 ~ 5000 yuan (USD $714) .

In other respects, according to the previously exposed news, the new Huawei P40 series will include three models, of which the P40 will use a straight screen design, while the P40 Pro and P40Pro Plus will use a 6.7-inch OLED quad curved screen design with a resolution of 3160×1440 , The refresh rate reached 120Hz. Both will be equipped with Kirin 990 chip, external Baron 5000 baseband, and support SA, NSA dual-mode 5G. In terms of cameras, the three versions will be rear-mounted three-, four-, and five-camera camera modules, of which the top version of the P40 Pro Plus will be equipped with a 52-megapixel RYYB super-sensitive main camera and a 40-megapixel movie lens. The camera is equipped with a 20 million dual-prism periscope telephoto lens (supporting up to 10x optical zoom), an 8 million conventional telephoto lens and a TOF lens, and there is little suspense in dominating DxOMark.

It is reported that the new Huawei P40 series will be released on March 26, which is today in Paris, France via the Internet. It claims to use a "never seen" design, with better camera quality and better performance. Of course, its The night view of selling price reached a new high. We will wait and see more details.