Huawei P40 series global online conference is about to open

On March 10, Huawei ’s official Weibo terminal announced that the Huawei P40 series would be released on March 26. At the same time, there have been constant speculations about the new version of EMUI on Huawei P40 series phones. According to previous upgrades of Huawei's EMUI operating system, the previous P20 series and P30 series were pre-installed with EMUI8.1 and EMUI9.1 systems respectively. It can be inferred that the new version of the system is likely to be EMUI 10.1.

So, what kind of surprise will EMUI 10.1 bring to users? Many people who have eaten melon can't help but want to know the relevant information of EMUI 10.1, and have begun to look for clues about the new features of EMUI 10.1 in various channels.

Difficult to find photos across terminals? Distributed technology is expected to bless

Recently, Wang Chenglu, President of Huawei Consumer BG Software Department, published a Weibo that attracted the attention of pollen. In this Weibo, Wang Chenglu asked netizens how to solve the problem of finding a photo but not remembering which device it was on. Many pollens have their own tricks in the Weibo comment area. The most popular solution is to upload a cloud gallery. EMUI cloud gallery supports multi-device sharing. Users can view photos and videos synchronized to the cloud gallery on all devices logged in to the same Huawei account. While freeing up local memory space on the phone, you don't have to worry about important data such as photos and videos. Lost. Whether such an intimate and convenient multi-device sharing gallery will be further optimized and improved in EMUI 10.1, the majority of netizens can look forward to it!

In addition to uploading cloud galleries, Pollen also mentioned that he hopes to use Huawei's cross-device interaction to find pictures between different devices. The cross-terminal interaction function refers to the application of Huawei EMUI distributed technology. EMUI10 first applied the concept of distributed systems to all-scenario terminal systems. By virtualizing hardware capabilities, decoupling hardware capabilities from terminals, and merging multi-terminal hardware capabilities into a capability resource pool, thereby breaking a single hardware boundary and forming a super terminal . Distributed technology applications are like calling one terminal, calling all terminal capabilities, fully mutual assistance and sharing between terminals, and achieving a user experience beyond a single terminal.

If in the EMUI 10.1 gallery, through the cross-terminal calling capability of distributed technology, the barriers between different devices are opened, then it is much easier to find pictures across devices. Whether EMUI 10.1 will add this feature, and whether the new feature is consistent with our conjecture, this has to wait for the official announcement.

Application switching takes time? EMUI 10.1 or equipped with smart split screen

The netizens who played Sherlock Holmes were not limited to eating melons on Huawei's Wang Chenglu Weibo, but also unearthed new news on Huawei's official EMUI Weibo. On March 19th, Huawei EMUI released the content about the smart split-screen function of Huawei Mate Xs, and synchronously asked questions to netizens, asking if you want to have this operation on your mobile phone. In this Weibo, many netizens expressed the form of split screen operation in their dreams, and a large number of users indicated that they can achieve split screen by dragging with gestures.

Huawei Mate Xs smart split screen function, slide out the smart split screen application bar on the side, you can keep the two applications split screen display left and right, running independently. This function ensures that users can quickly switch between multiple applications, while the two split-screen applications are not interrupted, which improves multi-tasking processing capabilities. For example, during work, users can open the mail and gallery applications at the same time, and directly drag and drop album pictures to the mail, eliminating the trouble of switching applications back and forth, and greatly improving work efficiency.

If EMUI 10.1 can be equipped with the function of smart split screen, it can provide split screen support for new models P40 and old models such as Huawei Mate30, which will bring more users with a one-screen multi-purpose high-quality experience. I believe it will be further sought after by users. !

Parents have problems operating the phone? EMUI 10.1 may open a new form of remote explanation

In addition to the content of the Huawei Mate Xs smart split-screen function, which caused netizens' conjectures, the question launched by the official Huawei EMUI Weibo on March 23 was also thought-provoking. In this Weibo, Huawei EMUI asked netizens, hoping to understand how users explained remotely to their parents. In the comment area, many netizens mentioned "family care", which is a remote assistance tool previously launched by Huawei EMUI. With the blessing of "Family Care", children and parents can easily realize screen sharing, remote control, real-time graffiti, and real-time dialogue, even if they are far apart, they can continue to care.

Keep in mind that every time a system update with new features is introduced, many users are mixed. I am glad that the new system makes the mobile phone interactive experience more complete, but due to the changes after the system update, many elderly people cannot adapt for a while. If the children are not with their parents, it may be difficult for them to quickly grasp the new interaction methods. If in EMUI 10.1, "Family Care" can be further optimized, and other features are added to make remote assistance more convenient and efficient, then this will also be a highlight of EMUI 10.1. Perhaps the new features of EMUI 10.1 in remote assistance are not reflected in the "family care" function, and it is unknown.

Huawei P40 series global online press conference is about to be held. It is believed that Huawei will release more detailed information about the new version of EMUI. If you want to get the latest version of EMUI in time, it is recommended to pay attention to Huawei EMUI official Weibo, Huawei Wang Chenglu Weibo and other official channels. At the same time, you can also look forward to the new version of EMUI in the pollen club with other pollens. As for what kind of surprise the new version of EMUI will bring us? May wish to lock the Huawei P40 series global online conference on March 26!