HUAWEI P40 series will see tomorrow to take stock of many highlights of this new machine in advance

With the official announcement, after the Huawei P40 series will be held online on March 26th, the press conference is now held, and now the exposure information about this series of models has become very dense, the closer the information to the press conference, the authenticity is often It will be higher. On Thursday, the Huawei P40 series will make its debut, and all the suspense about the stylish flagship of the Huawei P40 series is getting less and less. In the process of counting down, it naturally evokes the aspirations of global consumers.

What disruptive features do you most expect from the Huawei P40 series? That must be the strength of the image, because now everywhere, taking pictures, photography to record the wonderful life, has become the habit of the people on earth. Therefore, the quality of mobile phone photography directly determines the user experience.

The Huawei P series has been "rewriting" the rules of traditional mobile phone images. In order to satisfy the curiosity of the majority of users, domestic and foreign media are doing their best to explore what more disruption the Huawei P40 series can bring in imaging.

After upgrading the lens module of Huawei P40 Pro, compared with Huawei P30 Pro (50x super zoom) in telephoto shooting, it may be significantly improved. When shooting in a dark environment, the phone will also become a "night vision Plus", which will eventually produce clearer shots, darker depth of field, dim and complex light source clarity, and more realistic color reproduction.

Although the specific parameters of each lens have not yet been exposed, each time Huawei upgrades the number of lenses, it will bring some subversive changes in image power. At least in the first half of 2020, it will dominate the DxOMark list (currently the highest score is 124 points) There is almost no suspense.

Color magic

However, the Huawei P40 is most notable in color matching, not only in image power, but also in color and texture. In fact, in the current industry, it is difficult for a certain brand to monopolize a certain color. For example, the aurora color of Huawei P20 series and the red tea orange of P30 series have caused the industry to follow closely.

But as you know, even two phones that are extremely similar in color matching are prone to a popular one, one that has been left out of the market, and the final result is completely different. However, this does not mean that the colors are not good-looking. It's not that the mirrors and gradients are not advanced, but that they can highlight their beautiful designs and materials, which are never easy to obtain.

As the flagship positioning of the P40 series, the great advantage is that it is not subject to cost. Therefore, in terms of material selection, it also has a right to speak. It never stops at the public model and dares to explore new structures. Although we know that aesthetics is a highly personal subjective matter, even if it is the best-selling mobile phone color matching in the world, there will still be people who reserve opinions, but in terms of absolute proportion, the most sought-after is always research and development investment. More, the process is more complicated, and the materials are more rare. From one point of view, the color matching texture of the P series is guaranteed for all generations.

Huawei's official has previously used a "dragonfly to water" ultra-short video preheating method. It is forewarned that the Huawei P40 series will adopt multi-curved, arc-shaped plane fuselage and other design solutions. The Huawei P40 series will be stylish and stylish. Without losing the high-end texture of luxury goods. And this appearance must be eye-catching. There is one day left, let us wait for Huawei to reveal all the secrets about the P40 series.