Huawei P50 Pro Plus front profile exposure: quad curved screen, central hole

Recently, there has been more news about Huawei’s P50 series of mobile phones, and it seems that we can see it in the first quarter as soon as possible.

Guidingdroid, a foreign whistleblower, shared family photos of the P50 series, including P50, P50 Pro and P50 Pro Plus.

Among them, P50 is a micro curved screen, P50 Pro is a waterfall screen, and P50 Pro Plus is a curved screen. The same element of the three phones is that the front camera is changed to dig holes in the center.

For this rendering, some room should be reserved. After all, the reason why the P40 and Mate 40 series insist on the large capsule-shaped hole is to bury more sensors, including 3D face recognition. In fact, it is not that Huawei cannot make a single hole, any position can be used, but it has to sacrifice a lot of functions for this.

In addition, the spy photos in the morning show that the P50 engineering machine seems to have a single-hole design in the upper left.

In the end, which set of solutions Huawei will adopt is still unknown. As far as the news is concerned, the P50 series is also expected to be pre-installed with Hongmeng OS and equipped with Kirin 9000E/9000 processors.