Huawei perfects AppGallery ecosystem: there are no apps you can't find

March 21 news, Huawei is currently committed to the research and development of HMS projects. According to phoneArena, Huawei ’s AppGallery application store will improve the overall service ecosystem. In addition to the existing application software in the store, the “AppSearch” program can also search for download links for third-party applications that cannot be found in AppGallery. The user solved the problem of missing applications.

Specifically, when users cannot find the software they need in AppGallery, they can use the AppSearch program to perform a secondary search. AppSearch will direct users to third-party markets for downloading. Users can choose to download the file to implement Installation of required applications.

It is understood that AppSearch provides a wide range of application sources, including Amazon App Store, APKMirror, APKMonk, APK, the official website of the application, and Huawei's own AppGallery, etc., forming a huge application database virtually. In the application library with complete information, the user's choice will not be limited to the application store that comes with the device, but a variety of software can be found.

In addition, in order to improve service quality, Huawei also previously announced that it will implement a sharing plan of up to 0: 100 with AppGallery developers, and application developers can get up to 100% of application revenue. It is worth noting that AppGallery is the core content of Huawei's HMS ecosystem. Huawei has invested about $ 1 billion in research and development costs for the AppGallery project. The HMS ecosystem will be further improved in the future.