Huawei releases new amd lightweight version, 8 core processors, starting at 4099 yuan (USD $586)

Earlier, Huawei launched its 2020 model year matebook D14 / D15 lightweight edition, which uses Intel’s 14nm core processor. Finally, on July 30, the Ruilong version of the series finally arrived. Equipped with AMD sharp dragon 4000 series processor, the initial price is only 4099 yuan (USD $586) .

It is understood that Huawei matebook D 2020 Ruilong version adopts a new generation of AMD sharp dragon processor, 7 nm process technology and zen2 architecture design, and integrates Vega core display. Two versions of R5 and R7 are available. The highest option is R7 4700u processor. The highest frequency of 8 cores can reach 4.1ghz. Vega 7 GPU is integrated. In addition, it is equipped with 16GB dual channel DDR4 memory and 512gb nvme SSD.

In terms of fuselage design, Huawei matebook D 2020 Ruilong version of D14 / D15 is equipped with 14 inch / 15.6 inch IPS high-definition screen, supporting double eye protection certification, low blue light and no strobe. Both models adopt all metal fuselage design. Through precision sandblasting and anodizing process, the fuselage has more texture. Shark fin 2.0 cooling system is adopted inside the fuselage, which supports switching between balance mode and high-performance mode.

In other aspects, Huawei matebook D 2020 Ruilong version also supports fingerprint identification power on key and Huawei multi screen collaboration. It is equipped with 65W type-C fast charging, which can charge 53% in half an hour. In terms of price, the R5 version of D14 is priced at 4099 yuan (USD $586) , and the R7 version is sold at 4599 yuan (USD $657) ; the R5 version of D15 is priced at 4199 yuan (USD $600) and the R7 version is sold at 4699 yuan (USD $671) . An appointment is opened today and it will be officially sold on August 6.