Huawei Sound smart speaker exposure: smaller size, new AUX interface

Huawei released its first flagship smart speaker Sound X last year. This product was jointly designed by Huawei and Deware, and the asking price was 1999 yuan (USD $286) . After the platinum color version was launched, another Huawei Sound without X was exposed.

It can be seen from the packaging that Huawei Sound smart speaker uses Devale four speakers and supports Hi-Res lossless music playback. However, the "air transmission" on the package is covered, indicating that this function has not been completed yet and may require subsequent OTA system upgrades to support it.

Huawei Sound uses the same design as Sound X, but it is smaller in size, and the light strip on the top is not obvious from the packaging (or has been cancelled).

But from another set of photos, Huawei Sound provides an AUX audio input interface. That is to say, in addition to transmitting audio through wireless means such as Bluetooth, Huawei Sound can also be input through wired, which is very friendly to desktop computer users and people who like to play games, but it is not clear whether wired and wireless can coexist. .

In general, Huawei Sound should be the "mini" version of Sound X. The smaller volume should have some impact on the sound quality, but the price should be lower. This product should be released with Huawei Mate 40 series smartphones and other products on October 22.