Huawei warms up the P40 series again! Net exposure or 3988 yuan (USD $570) start

According to news on March 16th, Huawei's official Weibo for the Huawei P40 series warmed up: everything that has passed in the past is a prologue, and on March 26th we will show you the true chapter.

Combined with previous news, the Huawei P40 series phones include Huawei P40, P40pro, and P40 Pro Premium. In terms of configuration, Huawei P40 Pro Premium may use a 6.7-inch four-curved hole screen design, equipped with a 7nm + EUV process, Kirin 990 5G version processor, the highest memory or 12G + 512G storage combination; the screen resolution is 2K, Or support 120Hz screen refresh rate. The battery capacity may be 5500mAh, support 27W wireless fast charge, and 50W fast charge.

It is worth mentioning that today the foreign media also exposed the color map of the Huawei P40 series. From the exposed pictures, it covers almost all models. Among them, Huawei P40, P40 Pro are consistent in appearance color, including pink gold, black, gray and other five colors, while Huawei P40 Pro Premium exclusive version also has white and bright black.

From last year to now, there has been no news about Huawei P40 series mobile phones. The machine will be officially released on March 26. Users who want to know, remember to lock the global online conference at that time. It is reported that Huawei P40 series starts at 3988 yuan (USD $570) , do you think it is fragrant?