HUAWEI WATCH GT2 Pro ECG: an ECG that can be carried around

Now that people pay more attention to sports and health, the demand for wearable devices such as smart watches has greatly increased. At the domestic press conference of Huawei Mate 40 series on October 30, the new Huawei Watch series products also ushered in a new member-Huawei WATCH GT2 Pro ECG. This is also the third high-end smartwatch released by Huawei this year in addition to Huawei WATCH GT2 Pro and Huawei WATCH GT2 Pro Porsche Design.

In fact, there are many ECG-version wearable devices on the market, so what is ECG? ECG is the abbreviation of electrocardiogram, which means electrocardiogram, which draws various patterns of potential changes from the body surface through various sensors.

From the suffix of the Huawei WATCH GT2 Pro ECG model, we can see that this wearable device has strong professional attributes, and has a great guiding role for users in terms of health.

Health is everyone’s business

For office workers who have stepped into society or people who travel frequently, staying up late and working overtime and having irregular lives have become commonplace. Physical fitness is deteriorating day by day, even beginning to threaten physical health.

Normally, when we feel unwell, we are actually a little too late. This requires us to pay more attention to physical abnormalities. The built-in physiological data monitoring function in the smartwatch can help us monitor various body data in real time and pay attention to our health at any time.

The Huawei WATCH GT2 Pro ECG model supports professional and comprehensive health management, including all-weather blood oxygen saturation monitoring, atrial fibrillation risk prediction research, sleep apnea research, atrial fibrillation, premature beat screening, sleep monitoring, and stress monitoring.

Every function covered in it has a strong guiding effect on our health. Take heart rate and blood oxygen saturation for example, heart rate monitoring is the most important part of heart health research, and many precursors of atrial fibrillation will be reflected in heart rate. If there is no testing equipment around, when we really find the problem, it may be too late, and the mortality rate of atrial fibrillation is also high.

According to the PURE research analysis report, from 1990 to 2017, the number of patients suffering from atrial fibrillation worldwide increased by 1843 cases, the number of new cases increased by 1.45 million, and the number of deaths from atrial fibrillation doubled, and China's atrial fibrillation rate ranked among the top At the forefront of the world.

Huawei WATCH GT2 Pro adopts the new TruSeen™4.0+ heart rate monitoring technology, which is more accurate than the 3.5 version and provides more timely feedback. 24-hour heart rate monitoring can be achieved, and every beating of the heart can be accurately recorded regardless of whether it is in office or sleep.

Huawei Watch GT2 Pro ECG version has a professional health management system, including all-weather blood oxygen saturation monitoring, atrial fibrillation risk prediction research, sleep apnea research, atrial fibrillation, premature beat screening, sleep monitoring, and stress monitoring.

And every function covered has a strong guiding effect on our health. Take the simplest heart rate and blood oxygen saturation as an example. Heart rate is the most important basis for heart health research. Many precursors of atrial fibrillation will be reflected in the heart rate. When we really discover the problem, it may be too late. The mortality rate of atrial fibrillation is also high.

Huawei has joined the heart health research program of 301 Hospital. Based on Huawei's wearable high-performance heart rate sensor, it can accurately screen the time of arrhythmia by monitoring heart rate in real time. Huawei's WATCH GT2 Pro ECG model will provide more consumers with health monitoring and regain prime time for hospital treatment.

On the pollen forum, the post "I didn't know I had atrial fibrillation if it weren't for Huawei GT" attracted me. The user joined the 301 Hospital Heart Health Research Project, detected abnormal heart rate through Huawei WATCH GT2, and then went directly to the hospital to see the emergency department. The ECG result showed "paroxysmal atrial fibrillation". Under active treatment, atrial fibrillation was successfully converted. Huawei WATCH GT2 Pro has opened up a new path for arrhythmia screening, making home, fast, and long-term autonomous detection possible, helping people build an active and healthy lifestyle, and achieve early detection and early prevention.

I believe that everyone is surrounded by excessive mental workers, snorers, and elderly people. They often experience symptoms such as drowsiness, fatigue, and listlessness. Generally speaking, this symptom is caused by low blood oxygen saturation. At this time, measures such as rest, open windows for ventilation, or oxygen inhalation are required.

Huawei WATCH GT2 Pro can quickly detect blood oxygen, support all-weather blood oxygen saturation monitoring, and generate intuitive and visual data through the Huawei Health App to remind users to adjust their own status in time, change unhealthy habits, and better understand their own physical conditions.

As Huawei's first smart wearable device to pass the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) Class II medical device registration certificate, it is based on a high-performance ECG sensor and brings professional ECG collection functions. Huawei’s WATCH GT2 Pro ECG watch also cooperates with the “National Telemedicine and Internet” Medical Center, which is an authoritative national medical center. Professional doctors from the top three hospitals are selected to provide artificial ECG interpretation services and give reports with the physician’s signature. Give ECG interpretation results to help users detect high risk of arrhythmia early and manage heart health independently.

After Huawei's WATCH GT2 Pro ECG model added the ECG collection function, Huawei and medical institutions continued to explore new research. Based on the innovative research platform of Huawei Wearables and HUAWEI Research, the China Medical Promotion Association jointly initiated vascular health research. Peking University People’s Hospital, Anzhen Hospital and other tertiary hospitals jointly participated. This is the industry’s first breakthrough in the arterial sclerosis risk screening technology based on wrist ECG+PPG. And provide professional health guidance. After joining the Vascular Health Research, the user enters the "Vascular Health APP" homepage and clicks "Initiate Test" to start active detection and evaluation in a static state, to obtain a comparison with the blood vessel health of the same age, and to view the past historical test data at any time , To understand the health of your own blood vessels. Provide one-stop integrated management services for high-risk users, take the initiative in early prevention and intervention of arteriosclerosis, and help users realize home vascular health management.

In addition, 301 Hospital also expanded new research directions and started sleep apnea research, and Huawei still joined the project. Based on Huawei's heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring technology, the heart rate and blood oxygen saturation of the whole night’s sleep are recorded, which can help analyze the risk of sleep apnea.

Huawei's sports and health APP is also ushered in an upgrade, bringing a more visual clover healthy life model. It has established exclusive models from the three dimensions of "sleep", "exercise" and "emotion", including step keeping and mid-to-high intensity exercise. Small health goals including regular sleep, breathing exercises, daily smiles, etc. And you can also check your own personal weekly report to learn about sleep, exercise, and emotional changes during the week, which is very helpful for developing good habits.

High-end, return to the ultimate aesthetic design concept

Huawei WATCH GT2 Pro adheres to the minimalist aesthetic concept, adopts a classic round dial, and integrates the watch body with the strap.

The watch surface uses a harder, wear-resistant, and textured sapphire glass mirror, which can effectively prevent scratches. The sapphire material is often common on Swiss mechanical watches worth tens of thousands of dollars, and it is absolutely surprising and pleasant to appear on Huawei WATCH GT2 Pro.

In terms of the watch body, unlike most steel or aluminum alloy materials on the market, the use of titanium in Huawei WATCH GT2 Pro is much more advanced. Lightweight, resistant to corrosion, and strong toughness make Huawei WATCH GT2 Pro lighter and less prone to allergic reactions.

The back shell of the watch is easy to be overlooked, so the common method on the market is plastic material, while the Huawei WATCH GT2 Pro ECG version uses high-tech precision ceramic material, mixed with zirconia and adhesive, after high temperature roasting at about 1500 ℃, diamond grinding It is cut and polished many times to create a comfortable wearing experience.

Combining Huawei's current layout in the field of intelligent interconnection and its strategic goals, Huawei WATCH GT2 Pro ECG has a different positioning. More and more health monitoring functions are beginning to be added to smart wearable devices. Health monitoring functions that were previously unimaginable can be realized on small smart wearable devices, which can help more people achieve healthy lifestyles.

The Huawei WATCH GT2 Pro sports model is priced at 2188 yuan (USD $313) , and the fashion model is priced at 2388 yuan (USD $341) . It will be officially launched on the Huawei Mall and major e-commerce authorized platforms at 00:00 on November 1st. You will enjoy a 100 yuan (USD $14) discount on the same day; Huawei WATCH GT2 Porsche The design model is priced at 4688 yuan (USD $670) and will be officially launched on November 1st; the Huawei WATCH GT2 Pro ECG model is priced at 2688 yuan (USD $384) and will be officially launched in December, so stay tuned!

In addition, Huawei WATCH GT2 and independent designer Wu Ying launched a JD exclusive customized model on Double Eleven. The forest green leather strap is matched with a champagne gold body to customize the secret dial, which is more mysterious and elegant. The secret art model is priced at 1588 yuan (USD $227) and will be available It will be officially launched on JD at 00:00 on November 1st, and you can enjoy a 150 yuan (USD $21) discount on the same day, which is also worth paying attention to!

In addition to the above surprises, Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale 3 cooperated with the Hefei Institute of Material Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to benchmark the DEXA gold standard and support 14 body data, allowing you to better understand yourself from the inside out. The product is priced at 169 yuan (USD $24) and will be available for pre-sale at 18:08 on October 30 at Huawei Mall and major e-commerce authorized platforms. The pre-sale period can enjoy a 20 yuan discount; the sale will be officially launched at 00:00 on November 11. Buy on the day of sale and enjoy a 20 yuan discount. Welcome everyone to buy!