Huawei wears 120.8% growth rate in 2019, leading the industry, new products may be released on the same stage as P40

The survey data released by IDC recently showed that China's wearable device market shipments in the whole year of 2019 were 99.24 million units, an increase of 37.1% year-on-year. Among them, Huawei's total shipments in 2019 reached 2025W +, an increase of 120.8% year-on-year, and the growth rate ranked among Brands topped the list, and watch products performed well, especially the Huawei Watch GT series, which saw rapid growth.

At present, the latest product of the Huawei Watch GT series is the Huawei Watch GT2. However, at the upcoming Huawei P40 conference on March 26, some media predicted that the Huawei Watch GT series may have new products on the same stage. Within half a year of the launch of the Huawei Watch GT2, it has achieved outstanding performance in two weeks of long battery life, powerful sports functions, comprehensive health management, and stylish appearance. It has become the standard on the wrist of many sports professionals, fashion professionals and the workplace.

First of all, in terms of sports, Huawei Watch GT2 supports 15 sports modes, including 8 outdoor sports and 7 indoor sports. Free training, indoor running and other modes meet the current home crowd. In free training mode, you can perform a variety of indoor sports such as aerobics, hula hoop, yoga, and tablet support. The watch will record exercise time, heart rate, and calorie consumption. There are also a lot of exercise courses on the Huawei Sports Health App, including fat reduction, muscle improvement, sitting improvement, warm-up before running, etc. The Huawei Watch GT2 can be used with the video lessons of the Huawei Sports Health App to get better exercise results. The watch is in a state of continuous high performance during sports, with a 46mm battery life of 30 hours and a 42mm battery life of 15 hours, even if you participate in marathon sports.

In terms of health, Huawei has joined the 301 Hospital Heart Health Research Program to support the premature beat screening function. Users can download the “Heart Health Research” APP released by 301 Hospital through the Huawei App Market, supporting Huawei Watch GT2 and Huawei mobile phones, and joining the Heart Health Research Program. Perform more detailed health monitoring. The blood oxygen saturation test is very suitable for the current environment. Homeowners, long-term mental workers, and snoring people can be tested anytime, anywhere to determine whether they need to rest or add oxygen in time. In addition, Huawei Watch GT2 also joined the sleep apnea study of 301 Hospital. Based on Huawei's heart rate and blood oxygen detection technology, recording the heart rate and blood oxygen saturation of sleep throughout the night can help analyze the risk of sleep apnea. In the future, Huawei Watch GT2 will also subdivide more health scenarios and improve health management. For example, many people predict new women's physiological cycle management. Huawei Watch GT2 is also likely to have system upgrades to support this function.

Regardless of appearance or function, Huawei Watch GT2 is a must-have on the wrist for urban masters. Coinciding with the celebration of the vmall (Huawei Mall) store, on March 18th, the Huawei Watch GT2 42mm series has a limited time discount of 50 yuan, and the Huawei Watch GT series has a maximum of 100 yuan (USD $14) . There are 3 interest-free benefits for choosing the above models.

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In order to meet people's desire for recent sports, Huawei's sports health app launched the "Building a Prosperous, Green Living" activity. From March 10 to March 26, it took 3,000 steps a day for 3 consecutive days. Get the chance to draw Honor 20Pro and Gemini Lulu. Walk around every day, walk from the subway station to the company, or walk upstairs to reach your goal. Wearing the Huawei Watch GT2 can also record more detailed exercise data, and allow you to exercise scientifically, physically and mentally while participating in activities.

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