Huawei will launch a new version of the P30 Pro phone: Kirin 980 + Leica four camera can be installed GMS

Huawei has launched the P40 series of mobile phones this year, bringing a new generation of camera technology such as super-sensitive Leica five-camera and 10x optical zoom, and will fully pre-install Huawei HMS and AppGallery application merchants. However, in overseas markets, Huawei may have to launch a new version of P30 Pro, because it can install GMS.

According to foreign media reports, two new phones have recently appeared on Huawei’s German official website, one is P30 Lite New Editon, and the other is P30 Pro New Edition. There is no official detailed description at present. Unknown.


From the introduction point of view, Huawei’s new version of P30 Pro is in cooperation with operator Vodafone Germany. Obviously it is a special overseas mobile phone. This is Huawei’s last one that can use Google GMS. It is probably related to this.

Huawei P30 Pro mobile phone was released in March 2019, equipped with Kirin 980 processor, 6.47-inch OLED screen, front 32 million pixels, rear 40 million + 20 million + 8 million + TOF Leica four-camera, battery capacity is 4200mAh.

Last September, Huawei said P30 series mobile phone shipments more than 17 million, is the highest P series Huawei mobile phone sales, sales volume is expected to exceed the life of 20 million.